What Is CryptoScene?

Cryptoscene is a blockchain platform developed by a group of enthusiastic crypto traders from the Netherlands whose aim is to make it easier for everyone to understand everything about the crypto industry. The platform will be made of an online platform and a crypto magazine that will have content for beginners and professional traders. The first magazine will be distributed in mid-2018. The platform through the online platform will provide notifications on launches of new ICOs and other important events. The platform will provide cryptomarket analysis of actual prices of cryptocurrencies and summaries of the biggest earners in the market.

The platform will also use a unique method of cooperation that will allow advertisers and consumers to partner through ICO and a bounty program. The users of the Cryptoscene platform can contribute to the database of content and information and get rewarded with CTS tokens for great content.

Uses Of The Cryptoscene Platform For Crypto Traders


Advertisers in the crypto industry can use the platform to advertise and offer crypto related news that readers will be interested in. Most readers who are interested in crypto industry news get them on online platforms. However, it takes a lot of energy for them to get the news they need, as there is so much information online. Additionally, some of the news is not true, and it can be hard to sift through the fake news to get the right news.

An Offline Door-To-Door Magazine

This first cryptocurrency magazine can be delivered door to door. The magazine will have information that is ideal for beginners and the experienced cryptocurrency traders. The magazine will be the best method for reaching those people who might not have time to read online information.

Specific Information

The cryptocurrency information available online is too much, and most of it is in technical terms which have discouraged many investors from making the leap of faith to invest in digital coins.

The key information of the cryptoscene magazine and online platform will be to inform and guide crypto traders especially those who are interested in the crypto trade but have not found the right guidance and information that can help them participate.

Community Contribution

Some of the content of the cryptoscene magazine will come from the platform community. Contributors can contribute to the two segments of the magazine, which are content for the novice and experienced traders. The magazine editors and other community members will review the content before it is published. The participants will be rewarded for great content using CTS tokens.

CryptoScene CTS Token ICO Details

The CTS token is the internal currency that will be used to set up smart contracts and to support all the transactions in the cryptoscene platform. The advertising space and subscribing for services on the platform will be paid using the CTS tokens. Every time a purchase request is received from a different currency, the system will release the placed order for CST tokens via a transparent and automated algorithm.

The number of available tokens is limited, and as the number of transaction increase on the platform, the demand of the token will go up which will lead to increased value for the token. The launch of the token sale is expected at the end of March 2018.

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