What Is CryptoSolarTech?

Cryptosolartech is a new blockchain company that invests in solar energy and is currently having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The company was formed because of a problem in the cryptocurrency industry: it is currently very energy consuming to mine cryptocurrencies.

The life of the cryptocurrencies, the company affirms, is directly linked to electricity, so it is troublesome that they have to spend so much energy to work and this might cause some problems in the future that might affect their capacity to survive and continue to be useful.

Because of these issues, Cryptosolartech decided to come up with a solution: create a solar photovoltaic pool that is capable of generating 45,000kW, which can be used to supply a whole mining farm.

A company called Respira Energía will then buy this energy produced by Cryptosolartech and use it. This company uses only clean energy and its production is 100% free of carbonic gas (CO2).

How Cryptosolartech Blockchain Solar Energy Works

The company is currently having an ICO to create its own cryptocurrencies and obtain funds that will be used in the installation of 3.000 equipments that will be used to mine cryptocurrencies. The installations will be made in Sevilla, Spain. The energy will be sold to Respira Energía and other electric companies. Respira Energía has already signed a 15-year contract with Cryptosolartech.

The tokens will be made using the Ethereum technology, these tokens can be used for holding. You hold them and you will be able to profit together with the company when it sells the energy that it will produce and sell in the market.

The enterprise can be considered profitable exactly because its cost of production is not as high as using standard electric energy. The operations are due to start in April 2019.

CryptoSolarTech CST Token ICO Details

The CST tokens will be ERC20 utility tokens that will be able to be bought by investors who want to get shares of the company’s profit. These dividends will be sent to their wallets via smart contracts in a safe way. All that they have to do is to buy the CST tokens and then hold them. 80% of the tokens will go to the ICO, 3% do marketing team, 2% for bounties and 15% to team and developers.

The company has created 1260 million CST tokens that will be sold on the ICO. All the remaining tokens will be burned after that. The initial value of the CST tokens will be 1 CST token equals $0.10 EUR. 80% of the funds will be used in the construction of the platform and 20% in its maintenance and operational costs.

The sale has begun on April 16 and it will last until July 14. The soft cap is $983.733 EUR and the hard cap is 71.400.000 EUR. You can use ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC or fiat currency (EUR) to pay for the tokens. You cannot buy less than 5,000 CST tokens if you choose to participate in the sale.

If you buy the CST tokens soon, you will pay less than 10 cents or Euro per token.

  • Token Symbol: CST
  • Token Sale Starts: April 16th, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: July 14th, 2018
  • Total Supply: 1260 million
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: $983.733 EUR
  • Hard Cap: 71.400.000 EUR

Who Is Behind CryptoSolarTech?

Curious to know the minds behind this project? Pablo Alonso (CEO) and Alain Aguirre (also CEO) are the two co-founders of the company. They have the backup of Roque Garijo (renewable energies director), Antonio Arranz (executive director), Manuel Martinez (project manager), Isra Garcia (marketing director), Antonio Trujilo (national sales director) and Juan Borrajo (public works technical director).

Some of the main associates of the company are Respira Energía, Puzzle Gold Future Developers, Platasol Renovables, Bilba, Kolokium Blockchain Technologies, CoinFabrik, Click e-finance and Kedara Studios.

CryptoSolarTech Conclusion

Cryptosolartech sounds like a good investment. It doesn’t do anything revolutionary but does it need to? It is offering a good product and it already has clients. You just fund the company and get your shares later. It seems like a good deal. The people working on the company have a respected career, so it looks like you will not be having many risks by investing in Cryptosolartech.

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