As someone fired up with the cryptocurrency craze, there are a couple of legit ways through which you can make money hassle-free. You can buy BTC, ETH, Dash, LTC or any other cryptocurrency right now and store them as you wait for its value to appreciate. Alternative you can aim higher and be a crypto miner, either on your own or via a genuine cloud mining agency. These are just a glimpse of the dozen ways of making money through cryptocurrencies.

While striving to make a living off cryptos, however, the most critical schemes to avoid and stay away from are fraudulent investment platforms. From sham mining platforms, fake exchanges and wallets to scam ICOs, Pump-and-dumps as well as Ponzi schemes and HYIPs, all of them will just drain your coffers dry. Mostly, these platforms will promise HUGE returns, only to disappear with the funds of their investors.

What Is Cryptotek Mining?

Cryptotek introduces itself as a business with three areas which crypto investors can wage their funds in and get massive profits. Simply put, it is an investments platform that accepts fiat and crypto from rookies in crypto, handles trading on the behalf and dishes out profits every Friday. As per the site, Cryptotek alleges to have been around since 2015 and has an excellent reputation.

  • Crypto miners, according to the site, can start mining after renting their dedicated ASIC miners and cutting-edge video cards without parting with a colossal sum.
  • It’s also possible to trade different currencies and earn massive returns while you stay away from rampant volatility, according to Cryptotek.
  • Finally, it is a deposit-taking platform where a person deposits their cryptos and waits until the period matures before he withdraws the profits.

Cryptotek Mining Cryptocurrency Trading & Mining Benefits

  • Huge deposit bonuses – has nine different investment plans, each promising handsome returns in short periods!
  • Trading benefits – shareholders get dividends based on the number of shares they hold.
  • Mining benefits – after a month, three months, six months, nine months of a year of being a crypto miner, you are entitled to profits.
  • Referral bonuses – paid out for every successful signup.

Generally, Cryptotek appears a lot like a professional company given that the platform’s website is sleek and professional looking, even featuring a profitability calculator. It claims to make payouts each Friday of the week. Also, the company’s “Main Principles” of being a leader in innovation, claim of having been in business since 2015 and having profitable habits undoubtedly clears any doubt about any suspicions.

Cryptotek Mining Red Flags

  • Missing privacy policy or contact information, including who its real owners are
  • Claims to be from the US and have been operating since 2015, yet it seems it is hardly two years old.
  • Nobody really knows where it is based in the Netherlands or the US and if indeed it is in America, then where exactly it is found – Wyoming, Maryland, California or where exactly.
  • Return rates are unrealistically high and unsustainable, similar to those of typical scam or Ponzi schemes.
  • Doesn’t give a precise, conclusive technique that’s used to generate the large returns.
  • The site has a questionably low confidence rating and is thus suspicious.
  • There is no testimonial in support of its alleged payouts.

Cryptotek Mining Verdict

It seems it is a scam. Therefore, invest in it with utmost caution.

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