Have you ever heard about the Crypto Twins? It is a YouTube channel created by two twin comedian brothers who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They are just getting started, but are drawing some attention at the moment and some say that these two comedians can be one of the next hits of YouTube (at least for the people interested in cryptocurrency, that is).

Who are the Crypto Twins?

The Crypto Twins are two brothers who created a YouTube channel about a week or two before this report. They give unprofessional investment with a professional knack for comedy, making jokes as they talk about serious issues like the cryptocurrency market and how people should invest in some type of cryptocurrency or another one.

The channel is considerably new (it has less than 2 full weeks of existence), but it already has more than 2,200 subscribers on YouTube and some of the videos of the twins have already more than 9,000 views. Talking about a topic that is so hot right now while still being funny is a recipe for success, so there is a good chance that these two might get more famous as time passes.

So far, they have done videos about if you should invest in Bitcoin, Ripple and other popular cryptocurrencies while also commenting on cryptocurrency news.

Do You Want to Know More about the Crypto Twins?

If you are curious to know more about these two, you can watch this video in which the brothers talk about how a Harvard professor said that the market would probably regulate Bitcoin and crush it and they make fun of him and state that you cannot regulate Bitcoin because you simply cannot have control over it.

If you liked the video, you should follow them, as they will probably be releasing new videos soon.

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