CryptoUnity, found online at, is a bitcoin investment scam that promises to help you get rich quickly with no hard work or risk. Here’s our CryptoUnity review.

What Is CryptoUnity?

CryptoUnity, also known as CryptoUnity Global Ltd., is a cryptocurrency-based investment scheme that claims to have created some magic profit-generating system.

The only thing the company needs is money. You pay the company a bunch of money, and they’ll turn your investment into more money.

CryptoUnity advertises stupidly high returns on investment. If you let the company borrow your money for 100 days, they’ll pay you 10,000% interest. They also have investment plans that pay 150% per day. In other words, all you need to do is give CryptoUnity a little bit of money – and they’ll turn it into a million dollars in a very short period of time.

Best of all, CryptoUnity guarantees your earnings. There’s no risk, hard work, skills, or experience required. The company will literally pay you a fortune for doing nothing.

CryptoUnity is one of the most blatant scams we’ve seen online in recent months. The company doesn’t even bother trying to hide the fact that it’s a scam.

How Does CryptoUnity Work?

CryptoUnity doesn’t work: the company is a blatant scam. The website vaguely mentions trading activity and cryptocurrencies. However, the company will not actually invest your money. Instead, all CryptoUnity income comes from new memberships.

The company’s business model works like this: they launch online and attract victims with high interest rates and promises of “getting rich quick”.

Then, when the company attracts enough deposits, it will disappear from the internet with all customer deposits.

There’s no evidence that CryptoUnity has ever paid anyone. If somebody online tries to tell you that they’ve been able to withdraw money through CryptoUnity, it’s almost certain that they’re trying to get you to sign up through their affiliate link.

The company website, meanwhile, claims that they’ve received a total of $14 million in investments over the last 45 days, and investors have been able to withdraw $7 million. There’s no evidence supporting any of these numbers, and they seem to be completely fabricated.

CryptoUnity Investment Packages

CryptoUnity has some of the most blatantly false investment packages we’ve ever seen. The company has 12 different investment packages, most of which promise to pay you triple digit to quadruple digit returns after just a few days or months.

If somebody tells you that they’ll pay you 5,000% ROI every 30 days with a minimum investment of $10, you can be 100% certain that you’re being scammed.

CryptoUnity’s “investment packages” are so blatantly scammy that they’re not even worth mentioning here.

Who’s Behind CryptoUnity?

CryptoUnity Global Ltd. claims to be a legitimate registered company based in the UK. They list their registration number as 10880034, and claim they’ve been incorporated since July 24, 2017. We could find no evidence of CryptoUnity being a genuine corporation, so this appears to be a completely fabricated document.

Even if CryptoUnity was a registered corporation, that’s not a big deal: anyone can register a corporation in the UK in a few minutes online, and similar scams have done exactly that.

CryptoUnity refuses to tell users any information about who’s running the company, or why they’re qualified to handle your investments. When somebody asks you to pay them money, but refuses to even give their name, that’s not a good sign.

The company claims to have been successfully running for two years. in reality, it appears they came online in August 2017 – and I don’t expect they’ll stay online for very long.

CryptoUnity Conclusion

CryptoUnity is an investment scheme that seems to function like a pyramid scheme. The company is setup to lure users in with promises of enormous ROI, take their deposits, and then disappear from the internet when enough deposits have been collected. There’s no evidence suggesting that anything on CryptoUnity’s website is true. As far as we can tell, everything about the company is a blatant HYIP scam.

Unless you feel like donating money to a team of scammers, you should avoid any type of business with CryptoUnity.

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