Enthusiasts of the Million Dollar Homepage will notice a striking resemblance between the site and the Cryptoverse homepage. The two are similar in that they are online advertisement billboards, albeit the former concentrates on blockchain-based enterprises. Also, it is built on smart contract and its exquisite theme draws its inspiration from the Universe.

The smart contract is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The page has ten thousands divisions, each measuring 10 by 10 pixels. Each sector is an advertising space on its own. Moreover, the number of sectors is cast in stone, as no more sectors will be create in the future.

What Is Cryptoverse?

The Cryptoverse project a product of WARP, a blockchain organization that dedicates itself towards the improvement of blockchain technology and related platforms. Their core fundamentals include emphasizing the decentralization of trust and development of user-friendly platforms. Additionally, their top brass is equipped with decades of invaluable experience which they willingly pass down to their member projects.

Cryptoverse CVS Token Details

If an investor wishes to advertise their business on this platform, they have to acquire the CVS token. As of now, each token gets you a single sector. Notably, the token cannot be split, meaning that each space can only have a single proprietor at any given time Nonetheless, users can resell or temporarily transfer sector ownership of the sectors. This is because the CVS token is an ERC20 token.

During the crowdsale, the user interface will undergo modifications to enable investors to adjust the contents of sectors in a way that suits them. Also, if the token sales surpass the 50% milestone, Cryptoverse will inaugurate a trading platform that permits the sale of specific sectors.

Exception In Price Rule

While the unit price of Cryptoverse sector is 1ETH, the price is flexible when certain conditions are met. Every 24 hours, the price drops by significant margin. This is set to go on until it reaches 0.1 ETH after a period of 12 days. However, every time a new individual buys an adverting space, the price resets to the original 1 token per sector.

Cryptoverse Future Plans

Currently, the objective of the Cryptoverse project is to make decentralized technologies more accessible to investors across the the future, the platform plans to market its concept widely and therefore intensify the advertisement space both for advertisers and site visitors. Further plans will be subject to an agreement with token holders after the successful completion of the crowdfunding process.

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