Cryptovoxels: Ethereum Blockchain Virtual Reality Land Property Game?

Cryptovoxels is a digital world that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The world has its streets, which are owned by The Corporation. It also has properties, owned by individual people. Users can buy ‘properties’ using the Ethereum wallet.

As a digital world on the Ethereum blockchain, users can build, develop, or sell properties on the blocks and streets of Cryptovoxels. They can own land, with their ownership details recorded permanently on the blockchain.

How To Build Parcels On The Platform

As a member on the platform, you will work completely on the Cryptovoxel’s browser to build parcels. There’s no need to use your coding skills, as you just click to play blocks and build your parcel. The following steps are necessary:

  • Purchase a parcel from OpenSea
  • Make sure you have unlocked metamask and click ‘sign in’ above
  • Go to your parcel from the parcel list and click the ‘refresh’ button
  • Make sure the owner is your wallet address
  • Click ‘visit’
  • Press ‘tab’ for the menu to show up, go to blocks tab, and select a block
  • At this point, you should be able to click and shift click to start building

Before you can start editing, you need to see your parcels under ‘my account.’ There are cases in which you may encounter a bug during editing. This happens occasionally, when the authentication token breaks.

If that happens, you’ll have to sign out and sign in again in order to resume the editing process. However, the team is working hard to fix this and soon the problem will not be there.

Your Questions Answered

What can owners do?

If you are a property owner, you can build on your property. You can add or remove blocks (voxels), signs, and posters. In the future, property owners will be able to include 3-D models that people can interact with.

How does the platform use Ethereum?

The properties on Cryptovoxel are crypto-collectibles, especially the ERC721 tokens, the protocol on which Cryptokitties and Ethermon operate. Users can build, hold, or sell their property.

Can you sell your property?

Yes, it’s possible to sell your property through Rare Bits or OpenSea

How big is the world?

The world grows very slowly from the origin, which is the center of the world. It will be 36 Km to the East and West, and 18 Km to the North and South.

Parcels can be of different sizes, but the origin city has 3026 parcels that cover 92 hectares.

You bought a parcel and it’s not showing under your account

In some instances, the app may miss to update the contract. If that happens, just find your parcel on the map, proceed to your parcel, and click the refresh button. This will refresh the parcel’s ownership from the contract.

Alternatively, you can visit contract on etherscan to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the parcel.

Why Is It In Monochrome?

The platform originates from New Zealand, where the internet is quite slow. Therefore, it’s available only in black and white.

However, the team is working hard to bring the color mode soon. You simply need a Web 3 browser. For users on desktop, they need to install metamask, while users on mobile devices should install Coinbase wallet, which works for both iOS and Android.

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