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The company is a new cryptocurrency network getting tons of attention recently, it’s not a hard reason to see why it’s been happening. The cryptocurrency world has exploded and it’s mostly because of public awareness of the different coins that are sprouting up all over the place. The new digital currencies have been advertised all over the internet, primarily through the different channels of social media and other websites online.

It’s not something that most people are unaware of, it’s cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are literally everywhere. And if you’re interested to know more about the platform Cryptoworld, just read this article. Some say it’s the best platform that is on the market to date. But there is not a definite answer as of yet. It’s a new platform, one that is still in the early stages of operation and it’s important to research it prior to investing in to it.

They offer an affiliate program, one that is designed to attract a lot of new people to it. Likely in the hopes of bringing as many people who are naïve to the system.

What Is Crypto World Network?

Taking a very serious and in depth look in the company there are a few things about it that should be looked at. First off, you can see there is no honesty or transparency with the company. And this is mainly related to the who is the team of the company, also who is running the website is unknown. The date the company was started and the whoever found the business is also unknown.

The domain was registered on the first of November, but that’s about it. Other that – there is no information in regard to the development of the website or who is behind the project. It’s a big red flag for anyone investing into the company. When a company is unwilling to release the personal information, something is wrong.

The further you look into the company, the more you see that the current members of the company are promoting the platform as a follower of a now shutdown company called Global Moneyline. This basically entails that the administrators of the company have had some serious issues and are in a hard place, trying to re-establish a company that has failed through the process of rebranding their platform in a way that will attract the best, new investors.

In a recent post from Global Moneyline’s Facebook page, released on July pf 2017 – it states that, “Moneyline is announcing a very exciting new division to the company”, “that will enable you to earn unlimited amounts of cryptocurrency daily!”

The month of August was the prelaunch date for the new division. And as it turns out, pre-launch didn’t unfold as expected. Just a few months later in December of 2017, Moneyline used the power of social media to share a statement about what was happening. It was specifically done on Facebook, and read as follows:

“ATTENTION Moneyliner’s CHECK YOUR EMAIL for the latest updates about the NEW “PRE-LAUNCH” of Moneyline’s sister company on January 2nd, 2018!”

Here’s the bottom line in plain English – Moneyline is basically a pyramid scheme that is looking to take advantage of a lot of people. It first started in 2016, and now uses spam emails to attract different investors. The new members pay a fee of twenty dollars, then they have the job of bringing in new recruits who also do the same.

In accordance to that, there are stats based on the Alexa ranking system, that have discovered the various traffic going to the website is not consistent. The website is taking a huge dive and started to decline in March of last year, 2017. It wasn’t long after that, that the administrators decided to launch the new Crypto World Network. Basically, the website has probably been launched to give Global Moneyline a fresh look to bring in unaware investors.

CryptoWorld Network Trading MLM Cryptocurrency Wealth Products

The company has no products to speak of. There are no services, no goods and nothing that anyone can truly use to offer solutions to any kind of problem whatsoever. This means that as far as retail goes, activities that generate revenue are very limited.

The only real income that can be made is done through the affiliate program. Members have to bring in new members to make money and there is a fee that they earn commissions off of. Basically, the only way that people can make money here is through the use of the affiliate system and getting a commission off the fee.

The fresh affiliates are brought into the network and have to pay a price of $49 USD. This gives them access to the social media platform and forum where they can get involved with the Crypto World community and network or website. New members can invest as much as $499 and access to more benefits, none of which actually exist but make you a part of the Pro Network. This can all be found on the website. Also, there is a VIP network that gives the option of paying $999 and still offers no additional bonuses.

CryptoWorld Network Compensation Plan

The company works in a different way than traditional cryptocurrency networks do. Each member has to pay a annual fee each year to stay active on the platform. If they don’t, they are instantly kicked off the platform and considered inactive. The members that are active, earn money from bringing in new members. So, if you can’t bring in new members, you can’t make any money. Without networking, there is no real way to make money with this system.

And, they pay out commissions through a binary system, something else that is not very trusted with business models that are like this. The positions within the company are filled through a recruitment platform operated by the members and sponsors.

Bringing in new people will always bring you in more points and rewards. The point system is dependent on the fee a new member brings in. This means that more fees your new recruits bring in, the more points you get and ultimately the more commissions.

The way it works is – get registered, pay a membership fee – bring in new people – bring in even more and keep doing that. Supposedly, you’ll eventually start to get commissions and make a lot of money. Unfortunately, this setup is a big problem right now in the cryptocurrency world.

The network has a few different sign up options as of now – The three different membership options are:

  • Networker membership for N18,000 NAIRA ($49)
  • Pro membership for N180,000 NAIRA ($499)
  • VIP Pro membership for N360,000 NAIRA ($999)

    Something to think about is that you will always have to renew membership. If you don’t each year, your account will go debunked and you’ll lose your standing.

CryptoWorld Network Conclusion

In all actuality, the system appears to be a classic scam. And this is the reason why, the scheme depends on the newest members coming into the system in order to keep running. When newer members aren’t coming in, the system will crash. And on the later point of that, the people who join this and start to take advantage of others, are scammers themselves.

The reason is, when you’re aware of the possibility or fact that you’re bringing people into a company that is ultimately going to cost them money, you’re being dishonest and hurting them. If the person joins, loses money and has to suffer, it’s not your fault entirely as long as you’re honest. But if you deceive anyone, knowing the truth of the company, then it is your fault. The system will only last as long as it’s not found out, but as soon as it is – it will crash and burn. When that happens, hundreds or thousands of people will lose their money and you could be one of them. It’s best not to be responsible for these people losing their money and not becoming a scammer yourself. That is why I advise you not to invest with Cryptoworld.

Also, even though I advise against this company, that doesn’t mean I’m right. But the main factors that it’s set up as a basic pyramid scheme and gives no information about who is behind it should be the only reason you need to not take part in this platform.

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