What Is CryptoXpress?

The cryptocurrency scene currently supports a lot of crypto exchanges. For any crypto investor picking a good cryptocurrency exchange is essential and can mean the difference between losing your investment and securing them. Over the years, exchanges are becoming headlines with fakes promises, hacks and fraud cases. Such a situation is making it hard for the average crypto enthusiast to secure their investments. As a result, it is becoming tougher to spot a good crypto exchange to work with your investments. That is why reviewing them beforehand is also critical.

With that in mind, our crypto exchange on assessment is the upcoming venture CryptoXpress. The platform is set to launch a crypto exchange mobile app with a remittances platform. Apparently, the team saw the need for a remittance service to encourage worldwide reach of their application across the globe. Each use will get the XpressToken (XPT) as the currency to transact or exchange for fiat currency.

What Is The XPT Token?

Although the platform plans on accommodating the exchange with different fiat currency, the primary coin of the platform will be the CrytpoXpress tokens (XPT). Any user in need to perform a transfer or remittance must first be a holder of the tokens. Since it's on Ethereum and an ERC20, ETH will be acceptable. As it stands, one XPT is the equivalent of 0.001 ETH.

The token also comes with extra features to enables safe and secure transactions. First off, to get rid off double or wrong sales, the token has end-to-end encryption available to the transacting parties. That additional feature is a massive boost to the security and trustworthy of the project as a remedy to a safe world remittance network.

CryptoXpress XPT ICO Details

  • Start Date – January 20, 2018
  • Duration – 30 Days
  • Hard Cap – $300k
  • Token – XRP
  • Purchase Method – Ethereum

CryptoXpress Mobile Crypto Trading Exchange App Benefits

The best part about the platform is the low rates. With the current fiat system, the banks get a big cut just for exchange. If an individual remits money from abroad, the receiver is charged a lot. But with CryptoXpress the platform will lower the pain of the exchange rates. That is a current trend in the blockchain where the innovations are aiming to remedy the problems with fiat system.

Additionally, a considerable benefit comes from the platform is already a mobile app, you can send, receive or exchange money on the go. Whenever you feel like, you can quickly get your smartphone and access the mobile portal.

The CryptoXpress platform is also offering the user convenience through it an all-in-one feature. Apart from acting as an exchange and trading portal, the platform is also set to launch an ICO service. Any startup for coins will get a listing on the platform official market. On the trading portal, CryptoExpress also has unique features to facilitate margin trading. That is unlike most of the other trading ventures on the blockchain.

CryptoXpress Verdict

CryptoXpress seem determined to get on the untapped virtual market of crypto financial services. A look at their roadmap and you would want to learn more about their services. In the end, they aim to help meet the demand and growth for the crypto finance solutions. However, with such ambition and experience of their team, I would anticipate CryptoXpres to make more headlines in the crypto world. Although there also exists almost same concepts, CryptoXpress stands out with its many aspects and unique business strategy.

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