What Is Cryptoya?

Cryptoya is a revolutionary and innovative financial infrastructure that is based on the ERC 20 technology. The platform allows for the same rights on buying merchandise and for a sustainable banking system. The platform will make it easy for everyone on the globe especially the population in developing countries to gain access to online financial services including cryptocurrency exchanging, transaction, and online shopping.

Today’s online market is growing very fast, and the developing countries are missing the opportunity due to lack of an appropriate financial system in such countries. For the population in developing countries, it is difficult for individuals to transfer money due to the high fees. Further, investment in financial projects is restricted in these countries due to high fees and restriction put up by players in the financial industry.

Cryptoya hopes to be the solution in these countries. Its efforts will be concentrated on the African and the Middle East countries and will assist in connecting the nations to international financial systems and markets. Cryptoya will also help different types of businesses to grow in the developing nations. With a partnership with other key companies in the developing countries, cryptoya will connect its services with the cryptoya tokens.

The CRA Tokens Will Be Used In The Following Ways

  • Users can use them to join the online market and the crypto world with just a click
  • Merchants will use the tokens to reach new customers. Especially those that have limited ability to access the online market and the crypto industry.
  • Contributors of the platform will be rewarded for keeping the cryptoya coins in their wallets. Investors will get 40% of the profits in every financial quarter, which will depend on the value of their frozen coins.

How Cryptoya Blockchain Digital Financial System Works

When a user buys the CRA tokens, they will have them on their user accounts. The tokens can be sold to a cryptoya company, and in return, the investor will get a gift card or a visa card. In countries where there are no CRA agents, users will be paid in cash. For buyers who want SMS payments or scratch cards, they will get a security access code. This code can be changed to CRA credit via the user’s dashboard. When the code is entered, the value of the card will be changed to CRA tokens according to the exchange rate at the time of entering the code.

Users can also decide to freeze their coins until the next quarter and wait for the 40% profits for those investors who froze their coins.

European users who wish to purchase the tokens can have the tokens delivered to their door via mail, but they will be expected to pay the post carrier in cash.

For those users using the mobile version, they can buy the CRA tokens using credits from IOS and Android phones. The users can also exchange the tokens for credits where 1 credit will be equal to $1.

Cryptoya CRA Token ICO Details

The CRA tokens will be distributed via an ICO. During the pre-ICO period, the token price will be $0.01. Investors will be offered a 30% bonus. 20% of the available tokens will be sold at this period. During the ICO period that will be between 26th April to 21st June 2018, 70% of the tokens will be sold. The token will be priced between $0.02 to $0.05.

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