Are you looking for the best investments to make in the cryptocurrency market? This market is growing more each day, but unfortunately, the scams are also growing in an impressive number. It is hard to know sometimes how much you can trust a company and if it could be a good idea to invest in it or not. Because of this, you have to be constantly aware of the ways that you might end up scammed.

The decentralization and the freedom provided by the cryptocurrencies are excellent, but they also open the door for many dangers, so you have to be well informed about new companies that appear out of nowhere.

To help you make the best investments, we review HYIPs, ICOs and many other investments for our readers. Today, we are going to talk about a company called CryptoYotacoin.

What is CryptoYotaCoin?

CryptoYotaCoin is an investment company that offers returns on the money you invest in it. Basically, you create an account on the site and then you will be able to invest your money in there. After some time, you will have received your money plus a percentage back. The site also tells you to call your friends to invest in the site and you will be paid for referrals.

It seems like a nice idea, but a quick look at Crypto Yotacoin will make more seasoned investors think twice before investing. Why? Because Crypto Yotacoin seems fishy.

Is CryptoYotaCoin a Scam?

Sure, the company seems fishy, but is it a scam? We have to look at the details of the site to be completely sure about that.

CryptoYotaCoin wants you to invest your cryptocurrency on their site and says that you will receive a daily return of 1.5% for about 14 days until you can take your money back with a total return of about 20%. Most investments do not offer such high returns. 1.5% is a lot even for a monthly return, much more a daily one, so that is certainly fishy.

Notice that most of the testimonials in the site are written in Russian or Chinese, so it is harder for an American investor to know if they are true. Some of them, written in English, are obviously fake. Another point that you should notice is the address of the company. It is a vacant business room in Hong Kong, but the site says that the company exists since 2013.

Is this company a scam? Well, that is actually hard to prove. The company certainly raise many red flags. They have information that might not be proven true, they offer investment returns that are way too high and their address is probably fake. If you Google the company, you will also not find much information about it.

The CryptoYotaCoin Verdict

In the end, we still are not 100% sure that Crypto Yotacoin is a scam. It is hard to tell that for sure, but the company definitely seems to raise more red flags than any trustworthy company should do.

Investing in a company like Crypto Yotacoin is bad for you because you cannot be sure if you will really receive your investment back, so you should think twice before doing that. There are many other options for investments that you can make that can be better for you, so there are not many good reasons to invest in Crypto Yotacoin at all.

We advise our readers against investing in this company. We did not prove that Crypto Yotacoin was a scam, but there is a reasonable doubt about the legitimacy of this company that is more than enough to make any sensible investor decline the opportunity to invest in this company and the risks involved in this process.

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