The blockchain technology is the game changer with respect to the banking sector. Putting into consideration the fact that the banking sector is majorly centralized and traditional banking operations are ridden with deficiencies from the slow transactions to high transactional fees, the implementation of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology in banking will completely disrupt and revolutionize the industry. This is where Cryptron comes to play.

What Is Cryptron?

Cryptron is a decentralized banking platform with the goal of introducing a secured and stable International Bank Account Number (IBAN) blockchain and a peer to peer blockchain based credit system for users. Cryptron was founded by Fedor Kasparov, the Cryptron team comprises qualified and experienced members with expertise in Blockchain development, IT analysis and marketing constantly developing the system to ensure that Cryptron emerges as the future of crypto banking. The team is divided into two, with a team in Russia and another in Japan.

Cryptron Secure Online Crypto Blockchain Banking Advantages

Some of the advantages this system will provide are;

Users of Cryptron will not have to depend on credit cards/debit cards from their banks as Cryptron issues a virtual card immediately after registration that can be used for all transactional purposes.

Cryptron is integrated with third-party payment systems and services like PayPal, WeChat, and Alipay to ensure instant payments and a limitless transaction volume whether in fiat or cryptocurrency.

Crypton also charges 0.5% as commission on transactions, a rate far lower than what is charged in traditional banking operations.

Cryptron is also integrated into ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay, IBAN, QR code mechanics and several others to provide contactless payment options.

The platform also has loyalty programs and a cash back policy in place for its token holders.

Cryptron TRN Token ICO Details

Credit subtoken is the native cryptocurrency of the Cryptron platform that will serve as the internal exchanger, it is denoted by the letters TRN. The Cryptron platform uses the smart contracts protocol of the blockchain technology to adjust interest rates and conditions to fit specific customers obtaining a Cryptron Cryptocurrency Loan based on their unique credit rating. Crypton also provides liquidity to its customers to guard against the regular fluctuations in market value of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptron is carrying out an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) also called an Initial Token Offering (ITO) for the Credit subtoken. A total supply cap of 6 billion TRN was issued for the ICO with a hard cap and soft cap set at $147 million and $40 million respectively. Accepted currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some other crypto coins. The ICO will be held in two stages, the pre-ICO and the main ICO. The Pre-ICO is currently ongoing, it was opened on the 13th of March to operate to the 5th of May 2018. A 25% bonus is allocated to all investors in this stage with a token price of 1 TRN at $0.003. 1 billion TRN were allocated for the pre-ICO stage and as at the time of this report, 235,994,213 TRN had been sold.

The main ITO will be held in 3 phases. The first phase will begin on May 15th, 2018, with a token price of 1TRN to $0.006. 2 billion tokens are available for sale in this phase. Phase 2 will start on the 31st of May 2018 and for this phase, the tokens will be sold at $0.007 each. 1.5 billion TRN are available for sale in the second phase. The third and final phase of the ITO will begin on June 3rd, 2018 at a token price of $0.009, like the second phase, 1.5 billion TRN is up for sale in the last phase. At the end of the ICO, the crypto banking platform aims to be listed among the top 50 coins on the coinmarketcap. Token holders can store their coins in the online Cryptron wallet, any other cryptocurrency wallet or on their phone cloud.

Cryptron Conclusion

Cryptron adopts the Script Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm with a self-regulating financial structure, that enables its users to earn coins through mining and staking. Credit subtoken is the first token of its kind with secured liquidity, it will provide a new and developed banking structure with peer to peer interactions based on the blockchain technology. For more information on the crypto payment bank, visit their website here.

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