Over the past decade, Wall Street has been the lead, this in investors choice of a platform when they want to get into trading. But this is slowly changing, in the last ten years, Cryptto has been successfully competing with Wall Street’ best minds and even fastest technology. The company has been able to be successful as they identify the opportunities that exist in the crypto market and are very hungry and ready to seize the opportunity.

If you are also a hungry investor looking for the best thing to get into, then have a look at the Cryptto platform. Read on as we explore what the platform has in store for you.

What Is Cryptto?

The platform is the team that was behind the ATTO Trading Technologies. It is a high frequency quantitative trading firm that is based on developing proprietary algorithms that is all based on the market data and also the sentiment analysis. All this is possible through the utilization of cutting-edge scientific advancements and the diverse technology.

The company has a proven track record across various asset classes; this is from futures, equity, options and the FX. The founder of the company has been in this space for over 20 years, combined with the algorithmic and quantitative trading experience they are definitely the company you should be a part of in this highly competitive market.

But this is not all as the company has successfully navigated this profound market and the rapid technological changes that tend to take place in the market. It is from excel to the big data, from performing transactions in seconds to nanoseconds, from the manual news trading the more natural language in processing, live social media, machine learning and various other changes we have witnessed as investors.

The company has been able to be successful in this market and outsmart their competitors for a long time all thanks to their excellent degree of being fast movers and adopters. It is also thanks to the fact the company is the first professional player that moved to the crypto market that gave them a very strong competitive advantage and even the opportunity to be a leader in this booming market.

The company wholeheartedly believes the rise that we are witnessing in the crypto market is providing several opportunities that were unseen in the traditional financial markets. As a result, Wall Street is also starting to realize this. But with the institutional inertia and even the non-existing regulatory framework is slowing down the big players, an opportunity that this platform can explore.

Cryptto TTO Token ICO Details

Cryptto is currently holding a private pre-sale to selected strategic partners. They plan to hold public pre-sale but may not hold an actual public sale. In that case they will be holding an airdrop of TTO tokens.

How Cryptto ATTO's Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Works

The company is aiming at creating a world-class crypto trading platform that can combine easy access to the sophisticated property signals and also strategies. It is all done with the ultra-fast execution that is taking place across all the major exchanges available. The algorithms and approach of the platform have been based on just three primary signal sources:

  • The first one being the sentimental analysis of timed and the live data; this is from press-releases, news, twitter, just to name a few.
  • A proper market data analysis; it is both aggregated and also exchange specific.
  • The last signal source is the crypto specific data; this is on chain transactions, wallet activity just to name a few.

Cryptto Conclusion

The company has taken the needed steps that will ensure they stay ahead in this volatile market, so what better place to invest than on this platform. So if you are looking for the next best thing that will take the digital investment platform by a storm, we suggest you be a part of this one.

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