Cryptum is a blockchain-based ecosystem that is hosting a number of different projects – from board games to mining ventures. Here’s our Cryptum review.

What Is Cryptum?

Found online at, Cryptum is a decentralized platform involving a network of interlinked projects.

The Cryptum ICO is scheduled for September 16. Some of Cryptum’s announced projects so far include a lineup of board games (token holders will gain free access to these games), a coin project, and a mining operation.

Why board games? Cryptum describes its team as having experience in the field. “We are long-term hobbyist and we’ve been in the board gaming business for since 2010 [sic].” The Sofia, Bulgaria-based company has partnered with a Bulgarian board developer to bring their flagship board game, called “Blockchain” to market. They also have other board game projects planned for the future.

Let’s take a closer look at each of Cryptum’s projects to see if it’s worth an investment.

Cryptum Projects

Cryptum Board Games

Cryptum has plans to launch a series of board games. The company’s first project, Blockchain, is “a complex euro-style game”, explains the official website. It’s a game that involves cryptocurrency mining and investment. The company claims that it’s already in the alpha stage of development. Blockchain provides competitive gameplay for 1 to 5 players, and each game can be completed in under 90 minutes.

The game is also designed to be educational. It teaches people about the world of blockchain – even if they have no experience with the crypto industry.

Cryptum’s ICO will raise funds to develop the board game. Meanwhile, additional funds will be raised through Kickstarter in the future. Those Kickstarter funds would be used for mining.

Blockchain isn’t the only game being developed by the company. They’ve already planned four expansions for the game, including The Exchanges, Mining Farms, Forks, and Project 2020.

There are also two completely unrelated games currently being planned, including a cyberpunk adventure/strategy game codenamed “A World Without Borders”, which takes place in the mid 2070s when cryptocurrencies are long past widely accepted.

Cryptum is also planning a “magic in a box” type of game, a tactical post-cyberpunk game set in the same world as A World Without Borders, and more.

As a token holder, you get free access to the entire lineup of Blockchain games – no matter how many expansions the company adds (you gain access to all expansions). The only requirement is that you hold a certain number of Cryptum tokens in your wallet (30 tokens is required to gain free access to the base game).

The Cryptum Coin Project

Cryptum is preparing to launch its own mineable cryptocurrency. The token will be used to access goods and services on the Cryptum network. Some of the key planned features of the cryptocurrency include:

  • ASIC-proof
  • GPU-only mineable
  • Value-bind
  • Secure
  • User-friendly software (wallets and miners)
  • Anti-instamineable via small initial blocks
  • Highly-prospective, based on the number of coins mined and halving of account mined
  • Free coins for token holders, and air drops to top holders
  • Accessible across a wide range of exchanges
  • Accepted as payment for Cryptum board games

The tokens are on sale from September 16 to November 16. There are two stages to the Cryptum token (CRTM) sale.

Cryptum Mining

Cryptum plans to invest in a small to mid-range mining farm. This mining farm would be used to provide early investment returns for Cryptum token holders.

In other words, you can earn profits through cryptocurrency mining before the company ever releases its board games. The company plans to share 50% of its profits with token holders initially, and then lower profits by 5% every 5 months down to 30% at the end of the second year of operation.

The remaining profits are re-invested in the mining operation or used to fund the development of the board game project.

Future Projects

Cryptum claims there “will be plenty more side-projects under the Cryptum umbrella” in the future. Those projects will be announced at the official website when they’re ready to be announced.

The Cryptum ICO

Cryptum is accepting contributions to the company through an ICO. In exchange for your contribution, you’ll be able to get free access to Cryptum games. You’ll also unlock certain bonuses the more money you contribute. There are five tiers of contributions. The first tier (0.51 ETH) gives you access to the Blockchain game, coins, and shared profits. By the time you get tier 4 (2.03 ETH), you get a lifetime subscription to every game and expansion published by the company.

The Cryptum token (CRTM) is an Ethereum-based token. The ICO is scheduled to last October 16, at which point the second stage of the ICO begins (October 17 to November 17).

There will be a total supply of 1 million CRTM tokens (it’s a target number, so it may not be the final number).

Who’s Behind Cryptum?

Cryptum is a cryptocurrency project led by a board game company called Inistrad Ltd. Inistrad Ltd. was founded in 2013. They specialize in hobby products, board games, and miniature games.

The Sofia, Bulgaria-based company launched Cryptum earlier this year with the goal of using cryptocurrency to fund a large board game design and development studio.

Inistrad Ltd. has partnered with a Bulgarian board game manufacturer called BoardGames.BG to bring their Blockchain board game to market.

Cryptum Conclusion

Cryptum is a cryptocurrency-based project that aims to fund the development of a number of board games – including a board game called Blockchain designed to introduce newbies to the world of blockchain technology.

The company is holding an ICO on September 16. When you participate in the ICO, you’ll earn profits in the near future because the company plans to invest in a cryptocurrency mining operation. When the board games are released in the future, you’ll gain access to those board games for free – providing you have a certain number of tokens in your wallet (around 30 tokens, it appears).

To learn more about Cryptum, visit today.

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