Crystal Reign is the world’s first grand strategy MMO that is completely built on Ethereum’s platform and blockchain.

How Does Crystal Reign Work?

The point of the game is to build a massive empire and then watch your settlement grow and develop into a thriving city that can have as many as 35 different buildings that you can select from. The game also is for lets you built a military powerhouse or create a brand new hub for trading. You can then go on to form an intricate spy network that is used to cultivate magnificent magic levels straight from the divine and the ether. You are the creator of the world in Crystal Reign, you literally get to choose and design your own world.

Once you build a massive kingdom that is all powerful, you can then conquer the realm. The game is running on a vastly massive 3D map that has different challenges, traps and obstacles. And then you can carry out attacks, spy and rain blood with assassinations to gain the best angel on the map, cause the others to submit and become the dominate master of the realms. Units, equipment and terrain type of players can also outwit even the strongest of the opponents.

Crystal Reign is a massive only game for thousands of people to play in a strategic world that was built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It allows players to build massive cities, conquer lands, and devastate other players with armies to absolutely devastate the country side and take over the different drop zones of the land.

The biggest bonus of the company is that each and every week 1,000 CRS are randomly dropped throughout the world for players to fight over and win. Any of the players who have control of the tiles after a 24-hour period will win the prize and receive it at the end of the day.

And the game has large scale coops to help forge alliances and work together. You can use the guild settings to determine how much you want to spend and where the wealth goes. Decide to be a feudal economic state or a meritocratic union, you can basically decide exactly how your guild develops and is operated.

About The Crystal Reign ICO

The Alpha sale for the platform game has already ended and they have pulled in some amazing numbers. To give the numbers, they’ve already raised $32,100 from 289 token holders who have purchased 64,200 tokens already.

The roadmap is pretty clear, and the project is also running towards the end of the developmental period. Now, the main focus has been surrounding the balance of game play and placing new artwork. They plan on having a new product entirely designed for alpha testing through the end of the month in March of 2018.

The token sale is running with Ethereum, Crystal Reign also takes advantage of the shards. The shards are used to make purchases for boosting players, buying upgrades as well a gives guild bonuses. 50 million will be distributed throughout the world over the course of five years and it will be essential to the functionality of the guilds in the game. One of the bonuses on the game is shard dropping, and that is basically when 1,000 crystal reign shards are distributed to all of the players who control the 64 different tiles on the map during special events called shard drops. And over the course of five years 16,400,000 CRS tokens are being released in game.

The rewards of the game are for a total of 16,400,000 more tokens that are being released for the in games tournament and competitions over the period. Treasure hunts as well as activities with coop will give newbies a chance to actually make shards, even when playing on a normal basis.

And as far as the purchases made in the game, with ETH or CRS are funneled back into the game for the purposes of being bonuses that operate with the dropping of shards. And the Ethereum bonus added into the game will provide real life tangible incentives for those players who can hold tiles longer than anyone else. These players will also be able to grow their value of shards for their own purposes at the same time.

As of now, the presale is in 30% bonus with 1 ETH = 1300 CRS. The tokens will be distributed with a bonus of 30% at a digital rate of 1300 CRS to 1 ETH until 14th of March 2018.

Who is Behind Crystal Reign?

At this point in time, there is no information about the team who is running the show at Crystal Reign.

Crystal Reign in Conclusion

The platform is a majorly huge online strategy game that is based around the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It has several bonuses that can be won. There are several other ways to earn capital in the game too. To learn more, head to and see what everyone is talking about.


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