Crystal Reign is one of the world's first ever grand strategic MMO to be built using the Ethereum cryptocurrency, giving players the chance to win and earn cryptocurrency and also be part of a journey that is the first of its type.

Crystal Reign Current Status

Although now the development of the product is finally coming to an end and their focus now is on making the game more balanced and improving the imaging and make it ready by the end of March 2018 for alpha testing.

Crystal Reign CRS ICO Details

In June 2017, the team designed the preliminary framework of the game and February 2018 they started the presale of their Initial Coin Offering. In March 2018 they will close the testing of the alpha prototype and by May, the beta version will be released to the public.

By June 2018 they are planning to host their very first community event and in December the mobile version will be released to the general public.

The game which has in-app purchases will use Ethereum coupled with another type of Crystal Reign currency known as the as the shards. With these shards, the players can make purchases, upgrade the game and get bonuses. Over the course of five years, only fifty million of these shards will be given out to players and they are important to the functioning of the major parts of the game.

Crystal Reign Features

Shard Drops

In the game, an event known as the shard drops gives players the chance to earn some of the crystal reign shards. Each week 1000 shards will be given to players who are in control of the 64 randomly selected tiles across the game map and a total number of 16,400,000 CRS will be given out through this strategic game.


The game has also been designed to give players the chances to earn more shards through participation in in-game tournaments and competitions over the five year period. For this purpose, the game has assigned another 16,400,000 shards which will also allow players at lower levels to also stand a chance of winning some of the shards.


To boost the value of the shards, 80% of the purchases made in the game using the accepted cryptocurrency that is either the CRS or the ETH will be distributed as bonuses to the players during the shards drops. These bonuses will increase the value of the holding tile by adding incentives.

30% Bonus

During the presale of the Crystal reign token, there will be a 30% bonus that comes with each purchase which will last from when the presale was started to the 14th of March 2018. The rate of the tokens to Ethereum is 1300 CRS to 1ETH.

Crystal Reign Conclusion

Crystal Reign has sold a total number of 52302 tokens, with 289 token holders and have raised $26151. So consider joining as they embark on creating a game which is the first of its kind ever to be created.

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