What is Cryx?

Cryx is the new cryptocurrency market index and data solution platform that has air drop services. And as of right now, you can also join the presale ICO for a discount. The deck is available on the website as well.

How Does Cryx Work?

The mission of the company is to help offer support to investors by providing benchmarks and data solutions, so that you can have an honest and truthful and view of the cryptocurrency market and ecosystem, so they can in turn manage and build better portfolios for their users. You can read the entire whitepaper on the website and see other pieces of information not on this review.

The cryptocurrency indexes and market data report they give cover a huge range of different indexes as well, with each one having a new type of method for calculation, where there is a fixed number of the constituents in the index. And while time goes on, market shifts will happen that are either good or bad depending on who’s watching. The new venture is designed to help meet the client’s needs and appetites for newer ranges of indexes as well as customized solutions.

They will be able to cover more than 1500 different crypto currencies and each of them can be used with the different tools for backtesting and machine learning that is on the platform. The platform for the CRYX token is loaded with new tools and a great place for you to go, so you can test your cryptocurrency and investments as well as personal trading strategies.

The database on the site is considered to be of the highest quality and will give you the needed information on the current market analyses, complete with things like market prices, buckets for cryptocurrency and the different technical indicators that pop up from time to time. And of the applications for the purpose of machine learning on the different prices and trends developing for new currencies, forecasting their function and much more.

The system uses more than twenty different indicators that can be used. Most of them are strictly for analytics tools. And the CRYX team who is responsible for research and development has ways to measure everything, they perform quantitative analytics and studies through the use of the interface operated by the community.

They can even give you deep insights and updates on the cryptocurrency that is currently on the market. This include the different behavior that occurs across the different divisions that have to do with fundamental analysis, technical and quantitative analytics as well.

There are more than five years of data that has already been collected for the company and the community at CRYX also states they are 100% satisfied. And if that wasn’t the case, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Where the individuals and investors as well as cryptocurrency fund management firms and third-party vendors will be able to fully interact with the different entities for exchanging data and other cryptocurrency strategies used that are effective. And this in turn will help the community on the platform grow tremendously.

The company also real-time data pages that show the three different ranges of indexes that have been designed to match the industry standards. You can even try the only alpha platform right now.

Its cap weighted and used to track the different cryptocurrency markets that are based on the different individual markets that are happening as well as the related amount of index constituents. There is also an equal rated index ranges that is purposely used for erasing the different capitalization events that occur on the market.

Each is factored in from specific assets in order to help the achieve a simple goal in which all asset weights are equal. The flex is the last version of the indexes on the platform, and it’s developed to absolutely flatten the market values exponentially for the constituents, so they can have more chances of earning with small time cryptocurrencies.

What is the ICO on Cryx?

The goal of the token is to become one of the greatest market opportunities and to be considered a leading provider for index management tools in the cryptocurrency market. And that’s huge because of the predictions that are currently happening with the capitalization looking to reach around ten trillion USD throughout the course of the next four years. And it’s also been predicted that more than $800 billion will be invested in the equivalent indexed based Crypto ETFs.

There is real use in the CRYX Ecosystem, and once the token for the crowdsale is completed – the beta platform will be launched. And the tokens that will be accepted will be the CCX ones which can in turn upgrade your account and give it special privileges to participate in the CRYX ecosystem where you’ll also be able to interact fully with the team and different crypto-funds as well as contributors and investors, third party vendors for data and more parties than that as well.

The XXC token will be used within the CRYX ecosystem on the powerful Ethereum blockchain technology and its smart contracts that are also powered by Ethereum. The ICO for the distribution of the tokens starts in a little over fourteen days.

Who is Behind Cryx?

The team behind CRYX is massive, almost too big to list here. There are more than 25 people on the team, including tech specialists, investors, advisors, sales, management and financial leaders among others. The platform by far has one of the most advanced teams of any cryptocurrency on the market to date.

CRYX ICO Conclusion

And of the CCX Tokens not being distributed to supporters cannot be transferred to the segregated wallet for any type of reward. And they will be burned directly following the last day of the coin crowdsale. And that means that the supply that remains will be destroyed effectively and not hoarded by anyone or any parties once the crowdsale for the coin is over.

The platform has a massive team and is looking to be a very serious contender for an authentic, trustworthy ICO that is sticking around. I would definitely consider investing into them or at the very least keep an eye on CRYX from here on out.


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