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CSA Application: Blockchain Property Venture or Scam?

People across the world have gained a considerable amount of interest in estate investing. However, the subject of real estate and all the details involved in this business can be quite intimidating for newbies.

The good news is that a new investor doesn't have to be an expert to make it big in this industry. Additionally, if you are a crypto enthusiast, some ventures can help you take a gamble on getting inside this business. The use of blockchain technology for real estate investing has for long attracted investors, and now you can get to review an example of one such blockchain innovation.

Charoen Sinsup Amata

Charoen Sinsup Amata is a real estate blockchain application that intends to help members of the real estate sector to trade, exchange or connect through a safe and secure platform. The Malaysian venture wants to improve the efficiency of how we invest in real estate and help users make a profit without too much effort.

It is common knowledge that our existing real estate industry is facing challenges regarding trust, security, and collaboration between the sector’s players. With the CSA platform, users, property brokers, sellers or buyers will trade in a secure and faster portal.

How the CSA Agency Works

By using the ETH system, CSA will create a wallet for each user during the registration link. Upon verification, members can search and March for a listing on whether to buy, sell or rent property. You can classify each listing according to category or folder to efficiently manage your picks.

Once you decide on a property, you contact the seller through the contact person checking function. The negotiations and screening of the documents take place within the platform before verification of the data is done.

Upon conclusion, a trade agreement takes place between the parties, and the seller pays for the asset through the CSA tokens. The crypto is the primary currency for the CSA-ESTATE platform with 15 million in supply for the investors and the public.

Is CSA a Legitimate Platform?

While CSA might possess the characters of a viable project, the venture has a long way to go before it can have an impact on the industry. For starters, the plan lacks a worldwide appeal and focuses on the Malaysian property market. That can present a significant hurdle with international investors who may have interest in the idea.

Additionally, there is little information regarding the experience or knowledge of the team behind CS Agent Application. That presents a considerable downside for investors who seek for quality ventures by looking at the founding team.

Final Remarks on CSA Token

While deciding to partake in real estate trading, it is always wise to look for robust institutions to work with during your investing. The case is much similar to CS Agent Application concept of revolutionizing the property scene.

However, a significant point of concern is the platform’s portrayal of real estate sector as a get rich quick scheme. It is evident that trading in a property will require adequate investments, planning and time to make a profit.

CSA is offering a lot of promises which I would deem as fictitious with regards to the current situation facing the real estate sector. As such, this is not a viable project that I would see making a significant milestone.

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