CTX-Line is an online business centered around a digital token called the Centauri Coin, or CTX. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is CTX-Line?

CTX-Line, found online at CTX-Line.com, describes itself as “a highly innovative business accompanying the Centauri Coin”. That Centauri Coin is listed under the symbol CTX. CTX was introduced to the internet in the middle of 2016. According to the CTX-Line website, you can buy and sell CTX tokens at more than 500 locations, “already making it the second most accepted cryptocurrency right after bitcoin.”

What?! Does CTX-Line really claim to be the second most accepted cryptocurrency after bitcoin? That’s what the official website states.

A quick Google Search, by the way, shows that the Centauri Coin isn’t listed on any exchange. Websites like Coinmarketcap have no mention of Centauri Coin. When you Google “Centauri Coin” or “CTX-Line”, you get dozens of pages calling CTX-Line a scam, a Ponzi scheme, or an MLM pyramid scheme.

Obviously, we’re not off to a good start with CTX-Line, and there are a lot of red flags here. So what’s really going on with CTX-Line? Let’s take a closer look behind the scenes.

Is CTX-Line A Scam?

CTX-Line was created by a multilevel marketing company called Global Dynamic. The company relaunched as CTX-Line in February 2017. As you’ll see below, the company appears to be led by a German guy based in Dubai who has been linked to not one, not two, but three Ponzi schemes since 2015.

Calling CTX-Line a multilevel marketing company is a bit misleading. To be a multilevel marketing company, you need to at least pretend to sell products and services. If you run a multilevel marketing company that doesn’t have any products or services, then that can cross the line into being an illegal pyramid scheme.

Unfortunately for CTX-Line, the company doesn’t advertise a single product or service. The only thing offered by the company is a membership. When you sign up for CTX-Line, your only job is to sell that affiliate membership to other people.

As if there weren’t enough red flags surrounding CTX-Line, here’s one more: the company advertises a daily return on your investment of 0.5%. Yes, CTX-Line markets itself as an investment, and claims you can earn 0.5% per day, every day just by giving them money. That means you can earn an incredible 183% ROI per year.

Obviously, when someone tells you they can double your money guaranteed, that’s yet another red flag.

CTX-Line Compensation Plan

Like most multilevel marketing companies, CTX-Line has a detailed and complicated compensation plan.

As mentioned above, affiliates can “invest” their money and earn an advertised daily ROI of up to 0.5%. You can invest your money for 100 days or 200 days. Either way, you earn 0.5% per day guaranteed.

CTX-Line also claims you can earn 1.1% per day, although they never explain how you can earn this amount of money. Furthermore, in other places on their website, the company claims you “only” earn 0.1% per day in interest, which still works out to an incredible 36.5% annual return on investment.

In any case, there’s no evidence that CTX-Line has ever paid anybody this money, or that they offer anything close to this amount. Like most Ponzi schemes, the company will pack up and leave as soon as the money runs out.

Another problem with CTX-Line is that you don’t even get paid in any usable currency. The company gives you Centauri Tokens, which appear to have absolutely no value and cannot be used anywhere.

Who’s Behind CTX-Line?

Like most online scams, the CTX-Line website discloses no information about its management team or owners. However, the domain was registered in February 2017 to a company called Alpha Centauri Inc. That company listed a fake address in Austria. We know it’s fake because the CTX-Line website lists the same address in Chile – they literally just changed the country to “Austria” to register the domain.

Our friends at BehindMLM.com revealed more information about the owner of Alpha Centauri – and it’s not good. They learned that the company is led by a German guy named Michael Sander. Sander currently lives in Dubai. It’s unclear if he’s running the entire operation, or if he’s just a high level member.

Sander appears to be a prevalent scam artist. In 2015, according to BehindMLM, Sander helped run the ViziNova Ponzi scheme, for example. Earlier this year, the SEC filed a complaint alleging ViziNova was a Ponzi scheme. That lawsuit was settled for $5 million. Sander was caught later promoting the Bonofa Ponzi scheme.

Bonofa’s owners were arrested and charged for violating the Banking Act in mid-2016 (specifically, the part about running a large-scale organized crime ring or fraudulent pyramid scheme). That Ponzi scheme was later sold to OneCoin, yet another Ponzi scheme. Now, Sander appears to have moved onto CTX-Line.

Conclusion: Is CTX-Line A Scam?

CTX-Line is absolutely a scam. The company claims you can earn “financial freedom” by joining the company and selling “Centauri Coins”. In reality, Centauri Coins aren’t even a real cryptocurrency: they’re digital tokens made arbitrarily by CTX-Line. The coins have absolutely no value. They’re not available to trade on any exchange, nor are they accepted at any merchants. They’re literally worthless outside of the CTX-Line platform. This is a problem – especially since the company claims to be the second most usable cryptocurrency after bitcoin (yes, they literally say this on the official website).

One of the other signs CTX-Line is a scam is that the owner refuses to disclose any information about the executive team, management team, or other people involved in the company. The domain is registered to an address in Austria. Furthermore, the people who are supposedly behind CTX-Line appear to have been involved in numerous Ponzi schemes in the past.

Ultimately, CTX-Line is one of many Ponzi schemes in the bitcoin community today. It’s a blatant scam, and you should avoid CTX-Line unless you feel like donating your money to a scam artist.

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