Cubaaz CC ICO Review

If you’ve had a chance to book an air ticket or hotel room and felt a bit hurt with the expenses incurred while doing all these then you must undoubtedly welcome Cubaaz CC. The tourism industry is filled with intermediaries who heighten the prices of various amenities and make it unsuitable for sojourners to enjoy their vacation in peace.

What’s Cubaaz CC?

It is easy to say that Cubaaz will be a search engine, similar to Google, only that it will be dedicated to seamless booking and unique travel experiences. This future-oriented platform will make it easier, cheaper, faster and more enjoyable to book flights, hotel rooms, and other necessities.

Blockchain technology, which forms the heart and soul of its working, will also help bring about the other aspects of transparency and accountability while weeding out intermediaries. However, the fact that it also incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence is a plus.

But as much as it will be an excellent choice, we should look at the benefits of Cubaaz Platform in detail.

Removing Middlemen and Their Exorbitant Fees

When making your travel arrangements today, there will be some hidden, additional fees to be paid to the middlemen. These people who position themselves in strategic points and act as the link between the traveler and the service provider capitalize on traveler’s naivety to hike prices. And it is almost impossible to do away with them since they’ve forged a robust link with service providers and make it practically impossible to access services without going through them.

The travel industry is highly dynamic, but oligopolistic at the same time with just about five significant companies controlling it. Travelport, Sabre, and Amadeus are the only known distributors of airline inventory and together command about 99% of the market share. Unsurprisingly, they are the ones that initiate the exorbitant pricing systems.

The blockchain technology will eliminate them, thus save the traveler a lot in expenses.

Booking Flights in Real-Time

Sometimes, intermediaries are helpful, especially when it comes to booking flights, scheduling them and such stuff. They have the right knowledge regarding dates, times, flight connections and, of course, prices.

However, the blockchain-powered Cubaaz platform will eliminate the tedious process, ease the process of booking flights and ensure the traveler does every detail. In case of interruptions, inherent delays or flight cancellations, the traveler will be informed directly. The best thing is, everything is done in real-time.

Multiple Payment Options

Cubaaz will be the first travel search engine and bookings portal to accept fiat and cryptocurrency as payment. Among the cryptos accepted will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cubaaz coin and over 100 others!

Going forward, this platform will usurp the others as an excellent choice for budget travelers and a place where every activity is rewarded with redeemable points.

Initiating Direct Communications Between Customer and Services Provider

There are those times when these same middlemen create issues that become a bit too complex to solve and end up creating needless inconveniences. They might have initiated errors while booking flight tickets, accommodations or just anything. The process of resolving these same issues often becomes lengthy and strenuous.

Luckily, Cubaaz will create none of that. With direct and open communication lines, zero delays and seamless booking, everything involved will just touch on the two parties. And if anything, the traveler will have the issue solved just before the very date of traveling.

In conclusion, Cubaaz will be that platform where the traveler will feel like the boss from booking to enjoying the vacation. There’s an ICO about this project!

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