Cryptocurrency may just turn out to be the future of finance by proving to be even more resilient and more accepted globally and perhaps to a large extent replace the use of fiat money for exchange. Cube bucks have the opinion that if cryptocurrency is to become a major used means of exchange on a global scale then there needs to be a platform whose operation is not limited to its native currency but rather can operate across several types of crypto coins. To do this, Cubebucks have created a platform where cryptocurrencies can be traded and exchanged from one Cubebucks wallet to another on a seamless cross change network.

What is CubeBucks?

Cubebucks was put together by a team that consists of two founders; Hanief Kader, a co-founder of the platform who has twenty-five years of experience as an entrepreneur in different business sectors, Jan Mackay another cofounder with twenty years of experience in business management and experiences in development, fintech and internet commerce. The company is backed by a development team that consists of individuals with different experiences and skill that are pooled to realizing the success of the project.

The unique features about Cubebucks are its asset-backed wallet platform, the on-ramp platform, and the cross-chain exchange platfort:

  • The asset-backed wallet is a PSD2 compliant multi-currency platform that accumulates to make up the total amount of assets held by the network and determines the guarantee ratio, a percentage of the value of new coins issued is allocated to the asset platform.
  • The on-ramp platform is designed to reward its investors by giving them a percentage of the number of funds exchanged through his/her account.
  • The Cross chain exchange platform allows investors to transfer value store from one Cubebucks wallet to another seamlessly. These three features are what makes the operation of Cubebucks unique.

Cubebucks wallet is built to be user-friendly by having a smartphone app that makes it an on-the-go platform, this wallet holds different currencies that are permissible within its terms and conditions and facilitates easy transfer across digital platforms.

Owning a Cubebucks wallet qualifies you to benefit from the cross-chain blockchain network that accommodates different coins, however to use this cross chain Cubebucks coin is used as the base exchange coin for other currencies.

CubeBucks ICO

Purchase of the Cubebucks coin can be done by participating in the platforms initial coin offering (ICO) which is scheduled to be done in four stages.

The first stage (round 0) has 125 blocks consisting of 4096000 qb selling at 30 cents per qb. The second stage (round 1) is open to pre-registered investors, it has 675 blocks consisting of 22118400 qb selling at 35 cents per qb. The third stage (round 2) has 800 blocks consisting of 26214400 qb selling at 38 cents per qb. The fourth stage of the ICO (round 3) has 1600 blocks consisting of 52428800 qb selling at 40 cents per qb. These four stages of ICO is to run from 18th December 2017 to November 2018 before an open coin market scheduled for 2019.

Participation in Cubebucks ICO is possible through their website and information to enhance further understanding of what it is about is available on their white paper which can be downloaded on the website.

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