What Is Cubego?

Cubego is a blockchain-based 3D building block that enables users to build their own personalized 3D models known as Cubegon. The mission of the project is to enable users to ignite their creativity and imagination as they build their own 3D models, which will serve as soldiers by their side to shield them from all adversaries and earn them important rewards.

With Cubego, users are able to shape their powerful 3D squads, which are able to conquer challenges in a combat. Every model is unique and entirely owned by the user. The users allow their imagination to run a combat and turn small Cubegoes into living cubegons.

Cubego Principles Of Operation

The Cubego project embraces the following principles of operation:


This is based on the Cubegoes or “raw materials.” They are available in various colors and textures and form the core of every character. Real materials in the physical world inspire the creation of Cubegoes.


The project respects each player’s individuality and protects the creator’s copyright ownership. Every Cubegon character remains unique and only the original creator can alter the color or texture of the same shape.

Value Of Synergies:

Users can multiply the value of Cubegoes by creating unique Cubegons with different aesthetics, types, and abilities. Players determine the design and value of their creations.

How Cubego ‘Virtual Adult Legos' Blockchain Crypto Collectibles Game Works

Cubego inspiration arises from the fact that life’s miracles emerge from life’s little things. Natural, real-world materials inspire the project. However, the materials range from rare gems such as diamond or gold to plastic and other common materials.

Each material comes with a different set of color, texture, element, and other properties. Cubegoes tokens are blockchain-based and therefore can be traded between addresses.

Cubego Tiers And Attributes

Cubegoes are the main factors in a cubegon’s power. Therefore, more precious materials produce more powerful characters. It is also possible to find some rare Cubegoes maintain great power, which can yield special abilities for Cubegons.

Cubego Tiers

Legendary: This essential material can create “God” Cubegon—the strongest tier character.

Epic is the must-have Cubego material can create “Champion” Cubegon. Users can find this only in Epic and Cubego Packs during the presale.

Rare are important materials can create “Elite” Cubegon. They are available in Rare and Ultimate Cubego packs.

Common are the most popular materials, which are available in an unlimited amount and can be purchased after creating Cubegons.

Basic for new players can get these materials in a specific quantity. Players can obtain them from purchasing Cubego Packs and in-game activities. Basic Cubegoes are not tradable between addresses.

Cubego Attributes And Strength

Types of material could be made up of several materials, usually of different colors. Each color variant can belong to one or two elements types out of a possible five. They include Fire, Water, Air, Grass, and Earth.

Strength of Cubego material comes with individual strength. By using higher-tier Cubegoes, users can boost the strength accumulation of their Cubegons so they can climb to the highest tiers faster.

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