Cubo Lodge Club

What Is Cubo Lodge Club Loft IoT Blockchain?

GO CUBO LODGE CLUB is an ecosystem made up of an international network of CUBO lodges that are tokenized to allow for access control and door smart lock management. The CUBO LODGE is a movable house that can be used for accommodation and as a rental premise. The features of the CUBO LODGES include:

  • can be installed in two hours or less
  • You do not require to use screws or bolts as assemblers
  • The houses do not sink
  • Can withstand a strong earthquake
  • Can also withstand very high and low temperatures
  • Has a toilet and shower module
  • Installed with solar panels for the generation of electricity
  • The houses are light, compact, and easy to transport

GODEX Application

The ecosystem of professional and business tourism is an economically efficient model as it replaces administration staff with smart contracts that are functional and based on Ethereum Blockchain. The model uses GODEX platform that is a software that is based on Ethereum ERC20 smart contracts to register and validate the member’s club rights and usage of the reservation system. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

Cubo Lodge Club Use Cases

Users Can Use It To

  • Transfer the GO tokens using the Atomic Swap technology
  • Management of the Go tokens and their transmissions
  • Users can use it to book CUBO LODGES
  • Users can use it to buy CUBO LODGES
  • Users can use it to vote
  • Provides a platform for feedback, reviews, and chats
  • It has a smart control lock system

Businesses Will Use The App For The Following Purposes

  • As an integration tool with API
  • As a tool to control and manage the CUBO LODGES franchise
  • Connect and manage the individual CUBO LODGES
  • Provide a platform for additional marketing services
  • Can be used to manage staff KPI
  • Businesses can use it as a tool to communicate with customers.

Cubo Lodge Club GO ICO Details

The tokens referred to as GO allow the rights of the CUBO Lodges to be used in the GO CLC network for accommodation. The rights measure depend on the GO tokens that a user owns and those backed by the real estate rental rates. The token holder can also rent their rights to anyone willing to use these rights. The measure of rights to accommodation that is shown in days reactivates annually, which makes the solution progressive.

The ICO for the Go token will start in May. GO Token is an ERC20 compatible token based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can invest in this ICO by purchasing tokens with Ethereum.

GO tokens are a symbol of value that is given by the GO CLC platform to members as rights for use in the CLUB. The members of the CLUB will get the right to rent any of the in-network CUBO LODGE according to their membership plan. There are three membership plans including standard, business, and premium. Each of the membership plans having three levels that are different in regards to the GO tokens belonging to the members and the number of free annual rental days a person gets for a CLUB LODGE. The GO Tokens also allow members to reserve accommodation and access the CUBO LODGEs. The owners of the GO Tokens can also assign their rights for temporary use to others members.


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