Kids love to play with objects and cubes, allowing them to learn and interact with different the world around them. But this interaction would be much more productive if these cubes have the possibility to interact with the kids. The possibilities are unlimited.

With interactive cubes, kids would be able to learn more, and faster. But how to do so?

What Is Cubomania?

CuboMania proposes to include Internet of Things (IoT) to the cubes that kids use. In this way, the kids will be able to learn numbers, letters, and many other things, at the same time they play.

But IoT is not everything, the cubes have a great potential to expand their capabilities. The intention is to use, in the future, augmented reality, and other innovative technologies that will stimulate the kids even more.

The education market volume is worth $165 billion dollars, and in 2023 is expected to surpass $240 billion dollars. And CuboMania wants to be part of this expansion.

How Cubomania Works

With the implementation of cutting-edge blockchain technology, members of the education industry will be able to create customized curriculum as well as interactive programs and offer them directly to the market. With blockchain mechanics combined with the platform interface, the process of content creation will be easier and teachers will be granted with maximum protection of their intellectual property.

CUBO tokens will allow individuals that participate in the educational platform to be rewarded by their achievements. The more educational content they create, the more rewards they will receive. CUBO tokens can be also used as a means of payment to purchase goods and services in a marketplace that has more than 200 characters and programs.

Cubomania CUBO Token ICO Details

The Pre Sale started on April the 20th and will keep running until May the 5th. The Crowdsale starts on May the 11th and will last until June the 14th. The total token supply will be 1 billion CUBO.

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Token Sale 51%
  • Company 20%
  • Pool of Early Rewards 10%
  • Team and Founders 10%
  • Bounty 6%
  • Advisors 3%

The funds will be used in this way:

  • Marketing 25%
  • Reserve 5%
  • Mass Product Launch 25%
  • Technical Security 5%
  • Legal Safety 5%
  • Operational Costs 10%
  • Platform Development 25%

Who Is Behind Cubomania?

The team is conformed by a group of experts in different areas, including blockchain, sciences, and hardware and software development.

Maksym Musiyenko is the Founder and CEO. He is author of more than 500 scientific papers, he has more than 200 patents, and 3 monographs. He is also a scientific advisor and received an award by the Ukrainian Government in 2003 for his contribution to government development.

Yuriy Vdovychenko is the Chief Technology Innovation Officer. He has a PhD in International Economics and is Head of Noosphere Engineering School. He is also working at the Cherkasy State Technological University in Ukraine, and has written more than 60 publications.

Other important members are Takayuki Yoneda, Maxim Afanasev, Viacheslav Shvaydak, Yaroslav Krainyk, Dmitry Voshchina, Nataliia Ishchenko, and many others.

Cubomania Conclusion

The CuboMania ICO has been created in order to change the way kids learn and interact. The intention is to revolutionize the methods in which kids learn and gain knowledge. The team is a very experienced one, with a great background in different fields, ready to develop the platform they are proposing.

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