Cudo Mining Software Can Be Used For Mining Cryptocurrencies In A Profitable Way

As many of our readers already know mining of cryptocurrencies is barely profitable, thanks to the year-long bear market and rising energy prices. Many mining farms are shutting shops across the globe. There is an urgent requirement for solutions that can lead these miners to profitability. Luckily, there are a few in the market, like Cudo Mining Software.

It is cryptocurrency mining software that converts wasted or unused computing power into cryptocurrency without affecting the usability or the performance of a user’s machine, while offering solutions to help users maximize the computing power of their devices and generate income in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Cudo Miner aims at building one of the largest globally distributed networks that focus on sustainability by offsetting all the carbon energy its mining infrastructure uses. Additionally, CUDO Miner ensures sustainability by donating its proceeds to charities that support the projects that generate active carbon reductions.

Mine While Performing Other Tasks

Their website claims that with its software a miner will always be able to mine the best profitable crypto for them. The software shows and compares 9 cryptocurrencies in real-time with 5 different algorithms available to choose from. The features on the software allow the user to tweak their GPU clock and optimize your machine to mine the best profitable cryptocurrency for you. Thus, you never lose on any GPU power as it can be tweaked and optimized within the software.

Cudo Miner ardently believes that “GPU mining is definitely alive and kicking,” but its team argues that the strategies being adopted by some professional miners are diminishing their chances of making a decent profit. They say the emphasis needs to move away from focusing on a single coin or algorithm in favor of chopping and changing between an array of cryptocurrencies as well as choosing optimal settings – elevating their chances of making it worthwhile.

Their website says:

“Cudo Miner was born out of frustration and desire to simplify and make crypto mining more profitable for all. We collaborate closely with our community to help evolve the software and to ensure it is the most competitive crypto mining software available.”

Socially Aware Crypto Mining

Cudo was founded by CEO Matt Hawkins and by Duncan Cook, and both men have been motivated by a desire to do something philanthropic. Cook has experience in building technology for good causes, and one of his projects was a disaster warning app for the American Red Cross, which has helped to save countless lives during natural disasters.

Within Cudo Miner, users can choose to mine anonymously in order to test the software without logging in. The revenue received goes to charity. It has also established a charitable arm called Cudo Donate, where miners can convert their spare computing power into cash for good causes. This project has the goal of raising $1 billion in funding and computing resources for charities in the coming years.

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