Cultural Places

What Is Cultural Places?

Cultural Places is said to be where blockchain meets culture. It’s a new platform that was created in Austria and has some of the primary functions of crypto-ticketing, funding, holding and rewards. You can pick up tokens right now with a 40% bonus for getting in early.

How Cultural Places Blockchain Tickets, Events & Rewards Works

Cultural Places is a new social network for the world of culture. It is designed to help revolutionize the way content is distributed from a decentralized location. There is cultural ticketing and crowdfunding via the blockchain technology as well.

It’s a powerful platform that is designed to help with all parts of a person’s journey of cultural discovery. It combines everything a person could need to help improve their cultural knowledge. Whether it’s ticketing, crowdfunding, travel maps and routes, it can all be done from one simple to use platform. There is advanced crypto-ticketing with Cultural Places that helps provide you with the most efficient ticketing possible apparently. It makes it possible for agency intermediates to become a thing of the past.

The results are in turn cheaper tickets, better margins and happier people because of their cultural diversity. The platform also offers a great way to fundamentally approach cultural growth. It will connect the right patrons with the right institutions and other private donors.

Culture Places is the first of it’s kind a holistic platform that has been designed to help you improve your ability to connect with visitors, artists and institutions. Creators and donors will also love the applications that are developed by Cultural Places.

They are taking a completely disruptive approach to financing and ticketing as well. It’s a brand-new visionary concept that is designed to create a massive cultural impact. The technology is also said to be completely future proof as well. And it will be a cost-effective platform that is cost efficient and will be targeted at groups within the cultural sector. They are looking to create a completely transparent process as well.

There is a thought-out vision, that has been built into a powerful business model and sound roadmap to carry it forward. The clear goal of the platform is designed to make the plan highly executable. And it works with a proven ICO technology partner.

Cultural Places CC ICO Details

The first phase of the ICO is over, there are currently a little less than 24 hours before the end of phase one takes place. The token price is currently going for 0.018 Euros. And there is a total distribution of 135,000,000 coins ready for circulation.

Cultural Places Conclusion

The platform has been developed in Austria and is designed to help improve the world from a cultural standpoint. There is a new ICO in place that is about to end it’s first phase. And not like other ICOs, they’ve recently running a multinational business and track record. They are working with very strong partners and also have reliable supporters to back them.

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  1. As I read now, the Cultural Places team extended the ICO till the second week of May with still 30% of token discount for the Cultural Coin. The project sounds good and has a really nice idea combining blockchain with culture and ticketing. What I like a lot about this project is that with any ticket sold, the whole community gets something of that. Nice feature ;)

  2. I came across this project now and this one looks also promising to me. @Stef: Are you participating in the ICO? I have seen, that it is still going on. I am very interested in culture and was actually looking a little bit for some projects and ICOs related to culture and this one is in my humble opinion one of the most serious with a great idea. The ticketing with the cultural coin token is surely one of the best features….maybe the whole ticketing will once be based on blockchain (not now, not tomorrow, but maybe in 10 years or so). Gonna follow this one.


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