Counos Coins ICO Review: Honest Cryptocurrency with Real Benefits?

The reason why Bitcoin has become so successful, as compared to all other cryptocurrencies, is that it was developed using smart planning. Cuonos Coin is likely the next big contender.

Set apart by meticulous planning, Cuonos Coin is poised to offer all the conveniences associated with cryptocurrency and more.

Bringing Stability And Security To The Cryptocurrency Industry

It is important to emphasize that Cuonos Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on a global network. However, it still makes use of a guarantor, several distributors, and Swiss banks to bring surety and stability.

Cuonos Coin is guaranteed by CSC Intl. GmbH. to ensure that the system is safe, fast, and convenient for businesses and individual traders. The organization is also responsible for marketing Cuonos Coin to guarantee its popularity. All Cuonos Coins are pre-mined and there are numerous distributors charged with releasing them worldwide.

Each type of this cryptocurrency is capped at 21,000,000 coins, just like Bitcoin. Here is a review of the different types of Cuonos Coins:

Cuonos U

Cuonos U has its clearance founded on the U.S. dollar. Each unit of Cuonos U is equivalent to 100 U.S. dollars.

Cuonos E

Like the Cuonos U, the Cuonos E has its clearance based on the Euro. One unit of Cuonos E is equivalent to 100 Euros.

Cuonos CAD

The Cuonos CAD has its clearance based on the Canadian Dollar. One unit of Cuonos CAD is equivalent to 100 Canadian Dollars.

Cuonos Silver

Cuonos Silver is another coin still under development. Its clearance and value will be based on Silver. The company will issue more details with time.

Cuonos Gold

Unlike Cuonos Silver, Cuonos Gold is fully developed and already in circulation. Its value and clearance are based on the value of an ounce of gold. Like Bitcoin, Cuonos Gold’s supply will be capped at 21 million units. It also utilizes an algorithm similar to that of Bitcoin – it also borrows from certain aspects of Litecoin.

However, unlike Bitcoin, Cuonos Gold is backed by real physical assets. This is because the platform works with Swiss banks to deposit an equivalent worth of gold for all Cuonos Gold units in circulation. To this end, Cuonos Gold can be used as a real store of value as well as an investment asset.

Cuonos Cash

Unlike previous versions of Cuonos Coin, Cuonos Cash does not have its value tied to any one asset. It is set apart in the fact that it is a token designed to facilitate fast and secure everyday transactions. The coin is distributed by selected suppliers scattered all over the world. Its value is guaranteed by the CSC Intl. GmbH.


Cuonos Coin is exactly what the cryptocurrency market needs: a stable coin just as reliable as any other asset. The diverse variety of Cuonos Coins are designed to offer users diversity in choice while Cuonos Cash is designed to compete one-on-one with major cryptocurrencies.

Cuonos also has a variety of safe and secure wallets for storage purposes as well as a robust online platform where users can trade and transact in Cuonos Coins.

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