The appeal of cryptocurrency is the topic of much discussion in the financial world today, but more and more platforms are starting to combine non-crypto interests with tokens to expand their reach. While other options include associations with social media and the purchase of products, Curaizon offers a way to have a bigger influence on the health industry and the data of consumers.

What Is Curaizon?

Curaizon is a platform that wants to help patients improve their overall health, while reducing their cost of healthcare in the long run. The company developed a program called CuraServe, which lets patients access information about their medications, while managing their dose as well.

CuraServe is where consumers will be able to use tokens and is essentially the patient database for consumers. It was created by national health services, and allows consumers to setup medication reminders, and may lower their overall cost of being treated for their condition.

Why Are These Services Necessary?

Since most people already do their best to remember medications, some people may wonder why this type of platform is necessary. However, even in developed countries, only half of patients actually take their medications in the way that they are supposed to. This simple decision to not take medication properly accounts for over 50% of visits to the doctor, over 40% of long-term care admissions, and over 40% of hospital re-admissions.

The lack of following simple directions with medication adds about $700 billion to the nationwide cost of unnecessary healthcare, which is only increased with low adherence to a medication schedule. The services offered on the platform will help consumers stick with their regimen more easily.

How CuraServe Blockchain Medical Healthcare Works

CuraServe is the system that helps consumers stay on top of their medications. The whole process is an ongoing cycle. CuraServe’s role is to reach out to patients with non-intrusive reminders about any dosage they take. Then, CuraData collects data about the patients to help with healthcare information. That information is transferred to CuraView, which is partnered with healthcare providers for real time information.

CuraView completes the cycle by connecting healthcare providers with CuraServe.

Token Exchange For Curaizon

The tokens used on Curaizon’s website will be referred to as CTKN, and holding these tokens lets users access the medical data collected. There is no other way to access the details of any medical information, and everything is posted on the blockchain in real-time.

Curaizon CuraToken CTKN Token ICO Details

The pre-sale will begin on June 1st, 2018, while the public sale will start on June 8th, 2018, so consumers will need to get in as early as possible to get the best rates.

Consumers will be able to purchase coins with either the pre-sale or the public sale. Half of the maximum allotment will be available during the pre-sale for the major purchases, though a certain percentage of the tokens sold will be divided among:

  • Reward Program
  • Bounty Program
  • Advisors
  • Partners
  • Functioning of Curaizon
  • Team Fund

Roadmap For The Future Of Curaizon

The roadmap that the company outlines includes some of the ways that the brand has already worked towards their current state. As of now, Curaizon has passed the following milestones:

  • Starting the development of CuraServe
  • Testing CuraServe’s functionality
  • Releasing the alpha version of CuraServe

In September, CuraData will issue their beta release, while January 2019 will bring the full release of CuraServe. In May 2019, the company plans to continue the expansion of CuraData’s platform.

In 2020, consumers can look forward to the 2.0 release of CuraData.

Contacting Curaizon

The website for Curaizon already has a whitepaper listed, which should go into greater depth about the plans of the platform. However, if there are other questions, consumers can send an email to [email protected]

Curaizon Conclusion

The goal of the Curaizon platform is to benefit both patients and providers in the health industry, which accounts for 1.4 billion people right now. The end goal is to continue development and make healthcare more affordable and less complicated for participants. This is a platform that could benefit the way consumers are treated, while minimizing visits to the doctor, if consumers are willing to put forth the effort.

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