A new blockchain based healthcare data startup has recently gathered more than $3.5 million USD in seed financing. Specializing in healthcare technology and services, California-based Curisium is aiming to streamline the technological landscape of the healthcare sector by bringing it onto the blockchain.

Curisium leverages the distributed and secure nature of blockchain technology in order to create an ecosystem in which healthcare providers, patients, and life sciences organization are able to engage in a broad spectrum of different value based contracts that ultimately enhance the patient experience.

The founder and CEO of Curisium, Peter Kim, has commented on the successful funding round and the future of the Curisium platform:

“Payers, providers, and life science companies are increasingly entering into various forms of innovative contracts. However, effective implementation today is hampered by costly logistics, lack of trust, and difficulty verifying patient-level outcomes.”

The Curisium solution provides an alternative to traditional population-based approaches. Instead, Curisium is focused on operating at a granular level, working with individual patients. This approach provides a high degree of flexibility while at the same time retaining the ability to deliver population and statistical analytics.

Curisium also makes it possible for patient-level contracts to evolve in a dynamic manner as new data becomes available or is interpreted. The sparse, event-based data used to write automated contracts is transformed in the Curisium approach into high resolution patient health state representations, ultimately facilitating the creation of new conclusions from less-than-complete data.

Bill Geary, a co-founder of Gear Capital- one of the contributors to the seed capital generation round- commented on the dynamic nature of Curisium:

“Curisium's platform, by enabling outcome verification at the patient level, while automating the payment side, has the potential to rapidly accelerate the breadth and depth of innovative contracting arrangements. We're thrilled to be an investor partner with the Curisium founding team having successfully backed them before, and are impressed with their deep industry and technology insights and capabilities.”

Curisium also leverages the transparent nature of blockchain platforms to provide complete auditability, seamless payments, and cutting-edge privacy that cannot be found in the current healthcare contract paradigm.

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