eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world of entertainment. Few would have predicted just a few years ago that video games would produce highly skilled professionals and create an industry worth billions. The first online professional gaming league was started in 1997.

By 2011, the industry had grown so much that a prize pool of $1.6 million was offered at the Dota 2 Competition. This was also when Twitch was launched with its viewership having reached 12 billion total watched minutes by 2013. In 2016, big companies like VISA, HTC, Audi, and Duracell had begun to take notice of eSports.

What Is Cybercube?

Seeing the trends in the eSports industry, Cybercube was created in 2018. This new generation service combines all the main features of eSports in one central platform. The platform wants to bring all the popular aspect of the eSports on the blockchain to create a versatile, next-gen platform.

Cybercube Blockchain eSports Betting & Events Features

  • Cybercube Arena
  • Cybercube Betting
  • Cybercube Events
  • Cybercube Marketplace
  • Cybercube Store
  • Cybercube Wallet & Exchange

The Characteristics Of eSPorts

eSports is an officially recognized sport in more than 20 nations globally. In 2017, over 3700 tournaments were held between players and teams. The competitions were over various eSports titles.

Thanks to its growing appeal, the events have attracted millions of audiences and hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers. This is mainly due to the various unique characteristics of the eSports.

A Level Playing Field

The barriers to entry are relatively low when compared to traditional sports. It only requires a console that can run a given title and an internet connection to play like the pros. Thus, amateurs can achieve some kind of parity with the pros in how they experience a game. This is quite different from how traditional sports are played. A beginner will probably never access the same level of equipment and coaching as a pro.

Meritocratic Competition

eSports places a major emphasis on the individual skills and abilities of the players. Without any barriers like in physical games, amateurs can reach the heights of success if they hone their skills.

The focus on individual skill combined with the low entry barrier produces a competitive scene based on meritocracy. More and more players want to join eSports each year. Thus, it remains intensely competitive, which encourages players to be active and engaged.

This is achieved via an internal ranking system. The result is that there is a huge amateur pool and a few but highly competitive professionals. For instance, the US’s millions-strong eSports base is represented by an elite few of about 10,000 pros.

Audience Interaction And Participation

eSports makes it possible for players to interact in a manner that traditional sports cannot. Besides being able to experience titles in a manner that nears professional players, they can engage via live streams, social media, and purchasing merchandise.

Cybercube СYBE Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: CYBE
  • Soft Cap: 4 million
  • Hard Cap: 28 million
  • Start: TBA
  • Total Supply: 1,925,000,000
  • Token Price: $0.04
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH

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