In the world of finance, the common motto is “Trade Smarter!’. The Cyber Smart coin has been designed with this motto in mind. It is designed for the crypto traders throughout the world. There are various reasons why you should invest in Cyber Smart. However, a major reason is that a strong team of ethical hackers, programmers, and cryptographers developed it. In the team, you will also find other experts such as stockbrokers, trader, forex traders, crypto traders, web designers, and technicians. The team continues to grow, with every expert bringing something new to the table.

About Cyber Smart

Another reason to be part of Cyber Smart is that they share profits. Every 15 to 20 days, the team has promised that they will offer bonuses and airdrops. They make a profit daily with the help of intelligent signals and a team of day traders. Besides that, they have trading bots, which help to automate trade.

They Are Always Researching

The developers of Cyber smart are always in search of new ideas on how to make money. They also have an ambition of making the Cyber smart coin faster during transfers with lower fees. Additionally, they will make it easy for retailers to use in the sale of their products and services.

The Coin Details

The coin was created inside the Ethereum Network. They chose Ethereum since it gives them the ability to create smart contracts. The Cyber Smart coin is going to power a new type of profit sharing model in the world of finance. This model will be transparent and available to all users.

cybersmart coin home page

Crowdsale Details

  • Start date: April 12, 2018, at 5.00 pm PST
  • End Date: May 14, 2018, at 5.00 pm PST
  • Total Coin supply: 68,000,000

Alternatively, it will proceed until there have been 15 million CBST coins sold


This project was created with the sole purpose of creating a large network of profit-making machines. The project is designed to benefit everyone, including those that will have only 1 coin.

The Promises

The developers worked for many years until they found a solution that would allow them to propel the Cyber Smart Coin into the top 100 coins in two years. The promise they make to investors is that this summer, they will swap the Cyber Smart Coin with a mineable third generation CyberSmartCoinZ. The coins will come with lightning network implementation.

Besides that, developers promise to make frequent airdrops from the profitable trading and fees from the exchange, arbitrage, master nodes, and all other methods they discover. The developers have also promised that they will launch a Debit Card.

The Road Map

  • April 4- Launch the website
  • April 5- test the web wallet
  • April 12 –May 12 – ICO
  • May 28- launch on an external exchange
  • June 7- listing on at least four exchanges
  • June 14- the launch of the mobile wallet
  • June 15- listing on
  • October 14- launch a decentralized exchange
  • December 17 –issuance the CyberSmart debit card


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