CyberTrust is a financial tech company in the cryptocurrency sector currently crowdfunding capital through an initial coin offering (ICO) of its own in order to develop a platform that will “turn Bitcoin into securities” to facilitate the digital token’s integration into traditional banking infrastructures.

What Is CyberTrust?

CyberTrust, headquartered in Luxembourg, was created with one specific goal in mind: to create a securitized token that can be used by banking institutions to make it possible for cryptocurrencies – otherwise unregulated and regulatable digital assets – to provide titled and auditable ownership for these assets, to normalize clearing and settlement risks associated with cryptocurrencies, to provide judicial recovery processes in the event something goes wrong, and ameliorate the risk of cyber security breaches and thefts.

CyberTrust’s CEO is listed as Evgeny “Jason” Xata. According to his LInkedIn profile, he graduated from Oxford University in the UK and having worked for firms such as Salomon Brothers, KPMG, and the Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Salomon Brothers.

CyberTrust Product

CyberTrust’s core product is CABS, a crypto-token that is intended to be used to buy and hold crypto derivatives, be used in sales and arbitrage, and to create financial products that can be used by traditional banks and financial institutions.

For investors interested in buying and holding CABS, CyberTrust’s ICO is holding a pre-sale from November 14 through 17 2017 and a full sale from November 27 through December 21 2017. Price per share is the equivalent of 0.6 Ethereum per CABS token, but tokens can be purchased using not just Ethereum but Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and fiat currencies such as euros, Swiss francs, and the US dollar.

CyberTrust Opportunity

In addition to the securities opportunity provided by CyberTrust and its CABS token sale, the company also has a referral program. Any investors who purchase tokens through a promoter’s referral link receive an additional 0.5% bonus on all tokens they buy until the end of the ICO.

For promoting the CABS token sale, individuals will receive an unspecified percentage award in Ethereum. The amount is dependent on the cumulative total number of CABS that referred investors purchase.

CyberTrust Verdict

If the world of cryptocurrency has one weakness, it is its inability to be taken seriously by traditional financial service providers. CyberTrust’s goal is to change that landscape by securitizing digital assets with its CABS token, and if they are successful this opens up wider avenues for investment and securities trading for digital coins on a worldwide basis.

If this interests you, it may be beneficial for you to look into CyberTrust. Read the company whitepaper, which goes into intricate detail as to how this securitization process will work. If you feel this is a good risk for you, then by all means participate in the CABS token ICO.

However, if you prefer to keep your cryptocurrency balances as far away from traditional banking institutions as possible – one of the core selling points of decentralized, unregulated digital currencies – you may not want to become involved with CyberTrust.


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