The number of vehicles on today roads are more than 1.2 billion and this number is set to reach 2 billion by 2035. The vehicles exhaust harmful fumes that are a danger to our ecosystem and to our health. There have been numerous research studies done on this problem and warnings have been given out that this situation will get worse if there are no solutions to tackle the problem. CyClean has the solution as it hopes to use clean energy and produce electric vehicles that do not exhaust fumes. This solution is easily acceptable to communities, organizations, and countries as it is both realistic and intuitive.

Electric vehicles will benefit the user and the ecosystem. The vehicle will be easy to manage, charge, and operate. They are the ideal replacement for the gas and oil vehicles that are pricey to manage. The electric vehicles will have a cheap electricity bill.

CyCoin ICO Token

Token Name: CyClean Coin
Token Symbol: CCL
Platform: Ethereum Total Issue: 4,000,000,000
Price: 1 CCL = 0.0001 ETH

The CyClean coin is integrated with JPAY platform that is already implemented and being used as a cryptocurrency payment system in South Korea. Using this platform, the digital coin will be used to pay for rental fees, the mobile service fee for the electric bicycles and motorbikes, LPAY machine, ESS sunlight panel unit, used to pay for the in-health service bike, the JPAY kiosk, and other products that will be launched later by CyClean.

The total supply of coins will be 4,000,000,000 coins and 30% of these coins will be offered for sale during the ICO. The accepted payment option will be ETH. The ICO date will be on 27th June 2018. The pre-ICO is already underway having started on 6th April and set to end on 28th May.

How the CyClean Platform Works

CyClean hopes to build a platform that is based on a real product. The product will be more superior and competitive than other products in the same product line. Currently, the firm business model covers electric bicycles and motorbikes and the platform is set to expand to electric cars. The firm currently operates in South Korea but has plans to expand the business to the South Asian countries before expanding to other parts of the world.

The CyClean vehicles have a wireless network such that they are easy to track. The platform after launching the rental service hopes to airdrop JPAY SILVER that will be based on CyClean coin procession to sales member stores and allow for A/S service and parts sales service sales using the Cyclean coin. This will allow for the growth of the CyCoin. The Cyclean platform will soft launch the rental service through smart contracts using the CyClean coin as the starting point and then expand the product line.

The CyClean intends to generate its synergy within the JPAY platform that is based on a 2 layered coin. The JPAY platform solves the problems of fluctuating price and confirmation time delay for payment system of the cryptocurrency market. Based on blockchain technology JPAY uses e-commerce, cryptocurrency exchange, offline exchange and also combines with crypto-mecca, JPAY Kiosk system, MVNO smartphone business, JPAY Machine, and JPAY member stores.



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