Cyder Coin ICO

The cryptocurrencies market and consensus have grown exponentially, reaching an all-time high of over 50 billion dollars in 2017. This has not been the only significant thing in the crypto market. The cryptocurrencies market has sparked a lot of interest from large and small companies alike around the globe. More and more companies and startups are being initiated each day into the crypto market.

Cyder aims to create a business networking club, but one which is unlike the conventional business networking clubs currently out there. Cyder intends to create a unique kind of business networking club; one that works like a champion for the concept of crypto business to the corporate market.

It seeks to build a business networking model that would act as a vehicle to accelerate this concept to various professionals such as IT specialists, entrepreneurs, programmers, and others to meet in various locations of the world and discuss the future of cryptocurrency.

Cyder plans to achieve this through its Cyder Networking Lounge (CNL). CNL is the platform that will unite all those with a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and enable them to spearhead significant discussions on its development. Cyder Currency will have several features including a demo that will play an instructive role for showing newcomers how a cryptocurrency works along with practical examples. It will also have a payment system for accessing CNL.

Cyder Coin ICO Project Details

Cyder Coin uses a Full-PoS currency.

  • Its ticker is CYDER.
  • It has a total of 80,000,000 maximum supply of Cyder coins.
  • It has a PoS Start of Block 200.
  • It has a PoS Rate of 5% annually.
  • Cyder has a minimum stake age of 3 hours while its maximum stake age is unlimited.
  • It has an RPC Connection Port of 48846.
  • It has a P2P Connection Port of 48847.

Cyder Roadmap

  • On 18th August 2017, Cyder launched its Airdrop start.
  • On 27th August 2017, Cyder was listed on the Exchange market.
  • On 28th August 2017, Cyder’s Airdrop ended.
  • In December