What Is Cygnus?

Cygnus is the world’s pioneering decentralized web browser based on blockchain technology. The primary objective of this project is to provide a decentralized web browsing experience, with in-app payment solutions controlled by blockchain technology.

Cygnus Blockchain Web Browser Rewards Features


Similar to most web browsers, Cygnus is built on the Chromium framework. Chromium is an open-source platform for web browsers. Since it is a product of Google, its source code is almost identical to that of Google Chrome, the native browser for Google.

Chromium-based browsers are renowned for their minimalistic outlook. As a result, they consume considerably less storage space, as well as being remarkably fast. Moreover, they support tabbed windows and have a shell for the web.

Safe Browsing Protection

Cygnus has an inbuilt ‘safe browsing’ feature that a user can activate at their volition. This feature safeguards the PC against phishing, malware, social engineering, intrusive adverts and unwanted add-ons and extensions.

Essentially, Safe Browsing protects the user’s privacy and confidential data. The Safe Browsing feature assesses the content of URL before the browser renders the page. If the content is suspicious, it issues a warning; otherwise, the page loads.

Pop-up Blocking

Cygnus integrates a pop-up blocker meant to streamline the browsing experience. Often, web pages have JavaScript pop-up that are a nuisance to the user. By activating this feature, such annoyances are forgone.

Private Browsing

This feature enables a user to browse incognito – without leaving traces in the browser history. However, this private mode does not hide your IP address, so the ISP and the websites you visit can still track your location.

Tabbed Browsing

With Cygnus, a user can browse several websites simultaneously since it supports tabbed browsing. If a tab is closed accidentally, it can be restored using the ‘undo close tab’ feature. Also, Cygnus has the option of restoring the previous session when the browser restarts.


The history feature within the Cygnus browser indexes visited pages using content, URL and title. Therefore, it is possible to find a page without necessarily remembering the address.


To bookmark a website or webpage, a user clicks the star at the end of the URL bar.

Full Page Zoom

The zooming feature allows users to zoom in entire pages, scale the layout or zoom in only text or images, depending the user’s preference.

Search Box

At the top of the browser window, there is search box that also serves as the URL bar.

Network Predictions

The prediction service uses browser history and other heuristics to suggest web address that a user is likely to type.

Add-Ons And Extensions

Users can customize their bowsers and add more functionality by installing extensions and add-ons.


Plugins are third-party binaries that add functionality to a web browser. Typically, they are loaded when a web page has content that requires a specific plugin to be rendered. Examples include Adobe Flash and Java.

Blockchain Integration

By leveraging blockchain technology, Cygnus browser allows users to create add-ons and extensions and sell them in exchange for the CYG token.

Cygnus CYG Token ICO Details

The CYG Token is an ERC20 compliant utility based on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • TOTAL CYG TOKEN SUPPLY : 22,000,000,000
  • ​TOKEN PRICE : 0.0000025 ETH (0.0025 USD)
  • PRESALE BONUS : 50% discount on token price
  • ​PRESALE START : 07/06/2018
  • ​PRESALE END : 21/06/2018
  • ​PRESALE DURATION : 2 WEEKS ( 14 days )
  • ​ICO START : 22/06/2018
  • ​ICO END : 26/07/2018
  • ​ICO DURATION : 5 WEEKS ( 35 days )
  • SOFT CAP : 450 ETH     (450,000 USD)
  • HARD CAP : 12,500 ETH (12,500,000 USD)

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