Cypherglass Offers $100K EOS Hardware Wallet Bounty For Trezor & Ledger Development

Cypherglass Announces A Hundred Thousand Dollar Bounty For EOS Development For Trezor And Ledger

Cypherglass, which is known as one of the EOS block producer candidates, has recently decided to announce a bounty to support the development of support for EOS tokens on both Trezor and Ledger, the two most popular hardware wallets of the market. The announcement was made on a video and the full value of the bounty is $100,000 USD for the team that is able to do it.

The $100K EOS Bounty From Cypherglass

The big bounty was announced on this video released by Cypherglass. The video explains that, while Ledger Nano S and Trezor are the two most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets of the market right now, neither are compatible with EOS tokens. This means that you cannot securely store this type of tokens in a hardware wallet, which is a big disadvantage.

“But what if you could that”, announces the video. The bounty will consist in two separate $50,000 USD bounties, one for each of the hardware wallets.

The problem arose as the the EOSIO version of the EOS was released at the beginning of June and is unsupported by these wallets, so the company decided to find a quick solution to the problem. Cypherglass has announced its candidacy for block producer at EOS in May.

The CEO of the company described the opportunity as exciting and the company made a partnership with DataBank to ensure that the enterprise will be fully scalable. At the moment, Crypherglass is already one of the top 20 block producers of the EOS community.

EOS Enthusiasts Rejoice and Binance Offers Airdrop Support

The EOS community on Reddit seems to be considerably hyped about the perspectives of this new bounty and many users of the r/EOS have been really enthusiastic.

In related news, Binance has also announced that you support EOS airdrops with a tweet:

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