Crypto Titans

More often budding investors want an easy option to give them critical information and have them make smart cryptocurrency investments. That is probably why podcasts are fast becoming one of the easiest ways to get your routine run of the cryptocurrency news. Here one such podcast with content ranging from cryptocurrency experts from around the globe.

What Is Crypto Titans?

Crypto Titans is a series of podcast interviews that involve chats regarding the human element of crypto while also discussing daily interviews with lead financiers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and developers. The discussion panels will feature on building a blockchain presence and the potential shapers of the cryptocurrency industry in the future.

The Crypto Titan podcast will target the business to business leaders rather than the consumer audience. Ultimately, that means a majority of the discussion topics will range from crypto regulation measures, designing of blockchain applications, crypto marketing and other strategies to ensure your business achieves crypto realm within the industry.

Who Is Behind Crypto Titans Podcast?

The Crypto Titans podcast interviews run by Nate Ginsburg, who prides himself as an international entrepreneur, business consultant and startup growth strategist. The skilled internet marketer will seek to offer the audience an in-depth background look into each personality during the interviews.

Crypto Titans Alex Shin's South Korea Market Insight Episodes

For those interested in queries on B2B crypto solutions, the podcast provides for a stream of multiple episodes which will form the points of discussions. Some of the stand-out interviews and participants from the list of twenty include

  • Alex Shin (CBO and Partner at Hashed Group) – Provides insights on the potential and future of the Korean Cryptocurrency Market.
  • Trent Barnes (Partner at ZEROCAP)-will talk on the need to connect people through the future, that is blockchain.
  • Musheer Ahmed (GM of Fintech Association, Hong Kong)-will discuss on the state of crypto regulations through liaison with legal bodies and how it could impact the whole blockchain scene.
  • Sangjin Hong (CEO of Korean startup accelerator, Chain Cabinet)-gets to discuss the competitive crypto markets and how startups can achieve success

Crypto Titans Podcast Conclusion

In conclusion, the podcast is an excellent option to start with for those seeking little technical jargon but expert advice.

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