Cyronium is an ambitious blockchain project that launched a crypto asset backed by gold and the blockchain. It will be used to assist SMEs to integrate the blockchain into their businesses.

PT Ciptalintang Aji Dana, a company based in Indonesia is the company behind this project. It will be the first in the world that combines gold with the blockchain. The Cyronium ICO is already live and will continue until July 27, 2018. To purchase Cyronium, you need to invest at least $2.15 USD.

Why Cyronium Is Special

Cyronium is different from other crypto coins since a precious metal backs it. Each CYRO token will be backed by a Cyronium coin and each of the Cyronium coins will be worth 20 gram of 24-carat 99% LBMA gold. The coin will act as the keeper of the asset’s lower limit value. This means that a Cyronium coin can never see its value drop to zero.

Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo, the creator of cyronium made it clear that Cyronium will be a great platform for small and medium-sized businesses that wish to blockchainize their businesses. SMEs that joined this ecosystem will have an avenue via which to raise funds. They can raise funds via Cryronium ICO as Cyronium blockchain businesses.

Business owners will get the funds while investors will have a chance to be part of profit shares of the Cyronium Blockchain business. Thus, the demand for Cyronium will grow, leading to a spike in its price.

Volko, tree coin, and koinako the in-development crypto assets of Cyronium Blockchain. Real assets of real businesses will back each of these digital assets. Physical crops planted within a business ecosystem managed by Cyronium will back the coin. Volko will be backed by businesses that are owned by SMEs and managed by Cyronium. Lastly, Koinako will be backed by physical assets in the rented accommodation sector.

One of the reasons why Cyronium is unique is that it uses advanced blockchain technology. The Cyronium crypto asset is based on an independent main chain called the Nxt platform, which uses the proof of stake consensus algorithm instead of proof of work crypto, which can be quite costly.

Cyronium also utilizes a highly energy efficient platform that consumes less energy than most other crypto coins. Security is also quite outstanding, it is multi-layered, thus making it unsavory to hackers.

Cyronium Gold-Backed Capital Assistance For SME Benefits

One of the main benefits is that it is low risk. This is because the price of CYRO will never go deep below the price of 20g of gold. The other benefit is that there is a high demand for the crypto coin. This is because it makes it possible for SMEs to join the blockchain. Tokens for blockchainized businesses can be purchased with ease using Cyronium. Thirdly, there is an expected high profit for the investors. This is because the price of gold is expected to continue rising in future.

Cyronium CYRO Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: CYRO
  • Date: May 27 – July 27
  • Price: 1 CYRO = $2.15
  • Total Supply: 50.000 CYRO
  • Exchange Rate: 0.001 Cyronium = USD 2.15 / Rp 30.000
  • Acceptable Currency: BTC, ETH, USD, IDR

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