What Is Dacxi?

Dacxi is a self-described community exchange for the buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies. It claims to be the world’s first ever community exchange that has been built with the help of some of the top developers, marketers, and designers from around the world.

Dacxi believes that too many mainstream investors are not looking at cryptocurrencies as a legitimate investment because they lack technical knowledge and can’t wrap their heads around it. They believe they have developed a community exchange that’s designed for cryptocurrency novices that solve this problem.

Who Is Behind Dacxi?

The Dacxi website does not specifically state who the founder of the company is. However, the site does list several key employees with links to their LinkedIn page available for most. From that, we learn that a woman named Vicky Barker is the co-founder and Chief People Officer of Dacxi. She is a native of New Zealand and has founded several other businesses in the past, including a media company and an online beauty supplies company.

It’s unclear the identity of Barker’s co-founder(s). However, the Dacxi website lists 16 employees, most of whom are natives of New Zealand or Australia. The company also lists four advisers. The Dacxi website also claims that the company has more than 50 employees worldwide. There is also a video on the website with many of them greeting visitors to the site, which is a unique approach and helps put a friendly face on the company.

How Dacxi Digital Asset Community International Exchange Works

As mentioned, the purpose of the Dacxi Exchange is to appeal to cryptocurrency beginners and mainstream investors who are too intimidated by the technology behind cryptocurrencies to invest in it. Dacxi claims to have already built a platform they pledge will be improved and updated over time. The exchange is available in multiple languages and has a security system provided by a trusted provider that has had no known security breaches in the past.

The Dacxi Exchange also includes the Dacxi Community, which is akin to a social media platform in that people can create posts and status updates to share with other members of the Daxci Community. The primary purpose of the community is to help educate people on cryptocurrencies so they feel more comfortable investing. These features include:

  • Dacxi Learn Courses
  • Crypto Discussions
  • Latest Crypto News
  • Coin Analysis
  • Expert Dacxi Dragons
  • Real World Meetups

There is also a feature called Crypto-VC that aims to inform community members of quality investment opportunities and new listings on the Dacxi Exchange. This feature helps provide startups will a place to raise funds while also alerting members of the Dacxi community to learn about possible investments first hand.

Dacxi DAC Token ICO Details

The cryptocurrency Dacxi is using for funding is called the DAC Coin. The company claims it as the first community exchange cryptocurrency coin. In total, there will be 10 billion DAC Coins made available. However, only 20% of them will be made available during the ICO.

At the start of the ICO, which launched on June 11, 2018, the price of 1 DAC Coin was $0.01. The price of each DAC Coin will increase by one-tenth of a cent for the six weeks of the ICO. Thus, during the sixth and final week of the ICO, 1 DAC Coin will cost 1.6 cents. On August 2, 2018, after the ICO is complete, DAC Coins will be available on the Dacxi Exchange at a cost of $0.02. The payments accepted during the Dacxi ICO are: BTC, ETH, BCH, USD, EUR, and GBP. During the ICO, the minimum purchase is $1000 while the maximum is $100,000.

It’s worth noting that residents of the United States, Canada, and Gibraltar are not allowed to participate in the ICO. There is also no KYC procedure during the ICO phase. However, KYC verification will be needed in order to receive and trade DAC Coins. Finally, Cacxi is planning to take 70% of their profits and put it toward repurchasing and burning DAC Coins in order to ultimately reduce the amount in circulation by 50%.

Dacxi Verdict

On the surface, Dacxi has a great idea. It’s not hard to believe that many people are turned off by cryptocurrencies because of the perceived complexities of the technology and the financial ecosystem that shows little regard for fiat money. Whether they truly have a platform, social community and all, to solve those problems remains to be seen. However, there is little doubting that Dacxi has the desire to achieve that vision.

In terms of the ICO, a minimum of $1000 investment is no joke for most people. That in itself is enough to turn away people who are already wary of cryptocurrencies, which is a little counterintuitive. That being said, the idea being the Dacxi Exchange is on point and the features sound promising. If you don’t mind risking at least $1000, Dacxi provides an intriguing investment opportunity.

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    • agreed! :) crypto shouldn’t just be for the techies. Now we have someone to guide the newbies. Makes sense.

  1. Hang on, do a little more research on Dacxi’s real founder. Ms Barker is the wife of Ed Ludbrook, king of MLM scams, former OneCoin (just Google Ed Ludbrook scam, or OneCoin to get an idea). Ed registered the Dacxi domain and set up the website using his wife as a front as his name is so tarnished.

    The No.1 aim of Ludbrook is to make money from small investors and run. That is his whole lifetime CV in a nutshell. He is the total snake oil salesman who has left thousands of naiive investors around the world penniless.

    • Hahahaha You have no idea what on earth you are talking about. He left Onecoin due to the dodgy activity happening, he wasn’t apart of it, he was fired/demoted/left because he didn’t agree with what they were doing.

      Videos/Articles were written by rival companies to tarnish him as a scam at the time. ( You’ve obviously never been in big business so you fundamentally do not understand why people would do that ). Do you honestly believe all the shit you read on the internet? The owners of one coin were corrupt (e.g DR Ruja, Sebastian Greenwood, etc ), not him.


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