What Is Dafzo?

DAFZO Dafzo is the world's first peer-to-peer global logistics aggregator that leverages the robust capabilities of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It is an improved open source, a decentralized and borderless platform that supports multilateral trade and an e-market that has a Mobile App payment wallet, accepts cryptocurrency payments and includes a decentralized notary timestamp system. As a countermeasure towards fraud and other security issues, as well as the need to enhance efficiency, Dafzo employs the use of Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Using the revolutionary blockchain technology. Dafzo has transformed and created an even playground for players in the international trade finance, e-commerce logistics and forwarding and clearing sectors. The elimination of intermediaries and geographical barriers is ascribed to this success. Consequently, clients are now allocating much fewer funds toward logistics, which is a huge plus from a business perspective. Moreover, with improved effectiveness, the provision of services becomes more reliable as a result of a stronger supply chain.

Dafzo Global P2P Blockchain Logistics Platform Advantages

  1. Since intermediaries are a non- issue, clients save massive amounts that would otherwise be used to fund the middlemen.
  2. Dafzo decentralized aggregator offers one of the most competitive and pocket-friendly rates in the logistics industry.
  3. The Dafzo app allows third parties to conduct logistical transactions. For instance, a person living in town A can order a consignment currently at town C, and it will be delivered to town B.
  4. Customers can track the progress of their consignment in real-time using the Dafzo app.
  5. All transactions over the Dafzo ecosystem are recorded on the blockchain and have a corresponding timestamp. This makes the auditing process easier.
  6. Thanks to blockchain technology, transparency is a guarantee.
  7. The Dafzo ecosystem is tamper-proof. Any malicious or fraudulent attempt to alter the algorithms cannot go unnoticed.
  8. All aspects of the supply chains are seamlessly connected using blockchain technology.
  9. Every node in the decentralized network stores essential shipping data for reference in case a particular node fails.

Dafzo DFZ ICO Details

Without the necessary funding, a brilliant idea is as good as dead. To realize their objectives entirely, the team behind Dafzo are preparing a crowdsale that will raise funds for this remarkably exciting and auspicious project. The ICO is already id in the private presale step, with the public sale set to go live in the second quarter of this year.

A total of 70 million DAFZO token will be created, of which 80% will be up for sale, with the remainder going to the project's reserves. The token is based on the ERC20 smart contract.

  • Symbol – DAFZO
  • Private sale – ongoing
  • Pre ICO sale – 1st May – 30th May 2018
  • Crowdsale – 1st June – 15th July 2018
  • Rate – 1 ETH = 2,000 DAFZO

Distribution Of Funds

Dafzo is the champion for the implementation of technology, and this is evident is the proposed allocation of funds. Tech takes up a whopping 43% of the totals funds, closely followed by operations at 38%. The rest of the money is dived between marketing and legal services, with the former taking 12% and the latter enjoying a measly 7%.

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