Getting involved in the crypto community is a matter of finding the right platform at the right time for someone’s needs. There are so many different conversion rates, and various pre-sales. The best time to get involved with most of these companies is during their earliest sales, since that will offer the greatest value for the tokens. With Dagaz Global, consumers should be able to finally get into the crypto world seamlessly.

What Is Dagaz?

Dagaz Global offers a way for consumers to pay for their various transactions with the use of a simple payment system, combining the use of cryptocurrency and fiat currency. The blockchain technology is geared towards helping both sellers and buyers to have a simpler transaction. Much of the transactions involved with Dagaz Global are similar to the way that a credit or debit card transaction would take place.

Basically, the company aims to fix two problems:

  • How buyers use both fiat and cryptocurrencies in their purchases
  • How sellers are forced to decide between accepting fiat currency, or risking loss by exchanging cryptocurrency

This service is available for everyone, which makes it easier to trade and purchase on the platform. With this service, sellers can essentially accept any kind of currency, using popular platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Funds can be withdrawn immediately, though there will be small fees assessed. To protect the investors from fraud, the platform comes with an automatic fraudster countermeasure system.

Dagaz DAGZ ICO Details

Even though there are plenty of ways to use digital currency with Dagaz Global, the basic token exchanged on this platform is the DAGZ token. The pre-sale begins on February 10th, and it will run for 10 days.

During the sale, there will be 18,000,000 DAGZ tokens available to buy and exchange, making this platform the main source for contributors. One DAGZ token will be equivalent to 0.001 ETH, though consumers can use the other main platforms for exchange as well.

Any buyer during the sale will have a limit of no more than 4,500,000 DAGZ per purchase.

Dagaz Blockchain Internet Payment System Roadmap

Dagaz Global decided to include a roadmap on their website, which ensures that consumers will have an idea of how far the brand has come, and how much further it will go.

  • 2016: The creators came up with the idea for Dagaz Global.
  • Q1 of 2017: Technology was developed, as the creators consulted with financial experts.
  • May 2017 (Q2): The ecosystem for Dagaz Global was created.
  • September 2017 (Q3): The first version of the product was released.
  • February 2018: The presale is scheduled.
  • March 2018: Consumers have access to the main round of the crowdsale.
  • April 2018: Legal support and payment services are setup.
  • May through June 2018: The company launches the alpha version of the product.
  • November through December 2018: The company adapts to including personal accounts, as the decentralized system is completed.
  • February through March 2019: The mobile version of the Dagaz Global platform goes into effect.

After March 2019, consumers will need to check the website and social media for updates.

Contacting Dagaz

With both whitepaper and a FAQ page available on the website, most consumers already have all the information they need for their decision. However, if there are additional questions that need to be dealt with, the participant can click the icon at the bottom-right side of the screen to submit inquiries electronically.

Dagaz Summary

Dagaz Global is fairly similar to the other companies available right now, in that it prioritizes the ability for consumers to transact on any type of currency. The pre-sale has yet to begin, which means individuals have the opportunity to be a part of the campaign before it becomes publicly traded, saving them plenty of money in the long run. Consumers can register on the website today to be prepared for the upcoming sale.

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