What Is Dakuce?

Dakuce is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will simplify the process of exchange or trading of digital assets and currencies for beginner crypto investors. The exchange is formed with the notion of offering better investment returns to the traders who will choose to invest.

Overall, the Dakuce project will focus on providing a robust trading platform which sets up the exchanges with extra options for other services. The options will include a decentralized application (DApp) and the use of smart contracts to allow for the exchange of the digital currencies with fiat.

How Dakuce Crypto Exchange For Performance Trading Works

As a decentralized exchange platform, Dakuce will accommodate the trading of all cryptocurrencies using real market rates, with no interference on the market value. On the platform, Dakuce assures an honest and reliable platform for the investors, with the option of freedom from potential risk on your investment.

The platform will integrate the blockchain technology with AI on the cryptocurrency trading platform to embellish the user experience with extra stability of trading. The advocacy of the cutting-edge technology is evident from the smart use contract which guarantees insurance, security, and convenience. Ultimately, Dakuce hopes their features will enhance the trading experience of the investor by providing the clarity on the management and accumulation of cryptocurrency funds.

Dukace Benefits


Dakuce promises a security system level with an internal risk control department that monitors the data controlling processes.


Dakuce produces and implements its solutions for the crypto market on a distributed structure with the users getting the freedom to operate.

Effective Customer Service

With cryptocurrency exchanges, customer services are vital, and the Dakuce exchange will offer an incomparable service that is based on ethical interactions with the customers

High-End Strategies

Dakuce will help users run their trading process on the highly accelerated hardware platform that enables a high level of tolerance regardless of transactions.


DAKU token holders will get different discount plans within the first five consecutive years from initiation. The discount structure will include:

  • 25% Discount on Trade Fee (1st Year)
  • 12.5% Discount on Trade Fee (2nd Year)
  • 6.25% Discount on Trade Fee (3rd Year)
  • Depends on the situation (4th Year)

Insurance Coverage

Dakuce token holders have their investments covered by insurance depending on the value of coins in their wallets

Dakuce Token ICO Details

ICO Crowd Sale

  • Start- 2 June 2018
  • End- 3 July 2018
  • In the first week, the ICO is quoted at $0.14
  • In the second week, the ICO is quoted at $0.15
  • In the third week, the ICO is quoted at $0.16

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token- DAKUCE
  • Token Symbol: DAKU
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC
  • Total Token Supply: 200 Million
  • Token Price: 1 DAKU: $0.14 / $0.15 / $0.16
  • Hard Cap: 15 Million
  • Soft Cap: 2 Million

Token Distribution


Dakuce Conclusion

DAKUCE seems to receive plenty of positive reviews across several crypto review platforms. However, this may not come as a surprise since Dakuce does have the dynamic technical features to ascertain its stability as a reliable exchange. Still, as an international crypto assets exchange, Dakuce has plenty to achieve before it can genuinely present itself as a viable platform for digital asset trading.

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