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What Is The Dala Wala Financial Platform?

Wala is a FinTech company targeted at allowing developing nations access to no fees digital banking and financial solutions. They use blockchain based solutions to bridge the gap that currently exists between the current banking system and 3.5 billion people across multiple developing nations.

Currently the Wala corporation has over 1 million users on Wala platform and a growing partnership with financial institutions. The next key component for Wala Corporation is the launch on the 25th of October of the Dala Token ICO an Ethereum based ERC20 token. We will look at this now.

Dala Token


  • 30% Company (Wala Corporation)
  • 40% Rewards (Dala DAO)
  • 30% Token Sale (You)
  • Funding goal 30 million

Dala Token in combination with the Wala platform is attempting to find tech solutions to a problem that from the first Blockchain “Bitcoin” to now multiple Ethereum based chains, the industry has had serious people working on for some time now. The nature of Ethereum and other Blockchain based solutions are perfect for issues like access, security, trust and affordability.

Wala and the Dala Token have a serious but small team of people who want to help create a solution to important human issues. Some of the issues like traditional banking they take on has Wala dealing with legal issues between the digital Dala token and physical purchasing through banks. Know your client laws and contracts can all occur within the three ecosystems and free in theory.

Wala Conclusion

Personal Evaluation for Wala + Dala. ICO will only have a slight chance of gaining value immediately after launch in my opinion due to distribution model and other competing more mature forces in the Blockchain industry. Wala does have a growing user base and funding. The team is young and getting larger with branding in all the right areas. Wala does have over 1 million users and appear to be growing every day. Eventually they could earn value but it would be a medium term hold in my opinion at the minimum, and then it becomes a question of does Bitcoin or another that have been at it longer solve the same solutions over the same adoption period?

Dala will hit all the same regulatory issues with banks and banking systems most cryptocurrencies face until the issue is solved for the whole community. I see value in Wala Corp but I am uncertain of Dala’s future as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Dala will need to establish itself in a vary fast paced well funded new technology arena and will need time and proven usage too do this. The 30 million is a very reasonable ICO compared to many on the market the last year but 1 billion Tokens might be a mistake hurting the value after launch as I see no need for 1 billion tokens when 100 000 000 easily works for Dala’s purposes.

******The author of this article is not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice but for informational purposes only****

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