DANK Signals ICO

Dank Signals is part decentralized cryptocurrency platform and part knowledge hub. The company’s website describes Dank Signals as “The Ultimate Traders Knowledge Hub.” The goal of Dank Signals is to educate those who are new to cryptocurrency as a way to help them make smart trading choices.

About DANK Signals

Dank Signals is a new company with an ICO scheduled for April 20, 2018, and running through June. The company appears to be legitimate, as it has several social media profiles set up. However, there is little information available about the creators of Dank Signals.

According to an interview with Bitcoin Chaser News, Dank Signals was co-founded by two people named Oliver and Chris. However, without their last names, we can’t learn anything more about their experience or credibility.

According to the customer support function on the Dank Signals website, the last names of Oliver and Chris “are not being shared publicly to protect our team from potentially (sic) attackers of our development. The nature of our platform tends to attract people with negative motives and therefore we need to take every precaution for the security of the sale.”

How Dank Signals Works

On April 20, Dank Signals will start selling tokens to raise funds for the platform and its members. During the first round, the exchange rate of 1 Dank Token will be $0.01 USD, although that will increase to $0.03 in Round 2 and continue to increase in subsequent rounds. The minimum transaction amount for pre-sale is $10. There will be 700 million Dank tokens for sale and ETH, BTC, LTC, and ETC cryptocurrencies will be accepted.

There are five ways for users to earn revenue within the Dank Signals “ecosystem.” They are:

  • Artificial Intelligence Crypto-Trading – Simultaneously buying and selling a coin or token in a way that ensures a profit using expert trade analysis and community data.
  • Automated Crypto-Investing/Token Staking – Invest Dank tokens via the Dank Signals lending platform.
  • Trading Tools Utilization – Dank Signals will lease users artificial trading tools that connect directly to your Bittrex account via API configuration.
  • Leasing Trade Strategies – Dank Signals users can lease or sell trading strategies or advice to other users as a way to share information with those who need help.
  • Referrals – Users receive tokens for inviting friends to Dank Signals or mentioning Dank Signals on blogs or social media platforms.

Dank Signals Materials

There are several uses for Dank Tokens, including:

  • Use the social trading network to discuss strategies and learn about new strategies from other traders.
  • Lessons about what actually takes place during trading.
  • Direct consulting with a trade analyst that’s available 24/7.
  • Access a public chat group to follow Dank Signals’ public trade signals.
  • Invest with expert traders.
  • Sign up for a four-tier investment package.
  • Use automated trading tools to protect against losses.

Is Dank Signals Right for You?

Dank Signals is potentially appealing to both cryptocurrency veterans and those who are new to cryptocurrency. It has created a unique platform that allows those without much knowledge to receive guidance from those who understand what they’re doing when it comes to trading in a crypto marketplace.

If you have a desire to learn more about cryptocurrency or would like to share your knowledge with others, Dank Signals could be right for you.

Benefits & Side Effects of Dank Signals

With every new brand of cryptocurrency, there is always the chance it will become the next big thing, and so getting in early could pay off handsomely down the road. Dank Signals is no different, and the ability to learn more about cryptocurrency and reduce the chance of making an error while trading also has plenty of potential perks.

However, there’s no way of knowing if Dank Signals will be a success. The secrecy surrounding the company’s mysterious co-founders doesn’t exactly instill confidence that Dank Signals is a safe bet.

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