What Is DAN-Service?

DANS is a platform that will serve as an exchange for ads, which is powered by the blockchain. It is a revolution, which will affect offline and online advertising in general. The goal is to simplify the placement of ads, add new advertisement spots, and reward consumers for viewing the ads.

The entire platform will be transparent and will be based on the Ethereum smart contracts. Creators of this platform believe that they can empower publishers and advertisers with a secure platform that is transparent and benefits all those involved.

The Economic Outlook

According to various expert reports, in 2017, about $205 billion was spent on ads online. $192 billion was spent on ads on TV and $37 billion was spent on outdoor ads. Various forecasts show that the ad market could be worth about $6000 billion in the near future.

Today, offline ads and exterior media is still a major market player. Forecasts also show that the role of VR ads will grow in future. By 2020, it is estimated that online ads will make up the biggest chunk of the advertising sector.

The Problems DAN-Service Seeks To Solve

One of the major problems we have today is the sheer number of intermediaries between the advertiser and the consumer. Another issue is that a good chunk of the ad campaigns today is quite inaccurate. Many marketers have a hard time compiling accurate data when reporting on the success of their campaign.

In most cases, the agencies utilize different strategies to analyze data, most of which are designed to favor them and make them look successful. However, an ordinary advertiser has no way to verify whether claims of success made by an agency are in fact accurate. The main reason for this is that they usually do not have access to all the data.

Another major issue in the current ad market is that many people have ad blockers installed on their devices. This makes online advertising ineffective since all the ads are blocked anyway.

The DAN-Service Advertisement Exchange Network Solution

The first solution that the DANS platform will offer is making the delivery of ads easy. You will only need your smartphone, scan the QR code, type in your ad message and pick the time and category of the ad and other details. As a result, advertisers will not have to go through expensive intermediaries. For the inaccurate reports on the success of ad campaigns, the DANS platform will resolve the issue with the help of the blockchain technology and the security that it offers.

On the issue of ad blockers, the DANS platform will offer customers an inactive to want to see ads. Once a customer answers a question related to an ad, they will get a cashback payment. The cash-back is then withdrawn and used to buy an ad placement.

DAN-Service DANS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: DANS
  • Date: July 2018 – August 30, 2018
  • Accepted: ETH
  • Hard Cap: 40000 ETH
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 900 DANS

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