Dao Playmarket

The blockchain-startup PlayMarket 2.0 has dared to challenge conventional app platforms. It's developing a decentralized shop of Android applications.

Recently, the project has introduced the alpha-version of the goods. The peculiarity of the platform, aside from the lack of an intermediary between program developers and consumers, is going to be the possibility to purchase apps for cryptocurrencies.

About DAO PlayMarket 2.0

PlayMarket 2.0 platform is a DAO — decentralized autonomous organization. Anyone who owns a specific quantity of PMT tokens, developed on the basis of their Ethereum‘s ERC-20 standard, can become a part of PlayMarket 2.0. Such work model will probably be fascinating both for app developers and consumers.

Developers will benefit from the very low cost of the platform — only 1 percent from app price (unlike 30 percent in Google). Also, they will have the ability to launch their tokens for the additional monetization of the programs. These tokens can be traded to other cryptocurrencies right on the platform. 5% of all released program tokens will be billed as a commission and will go to the token-fund PlayMarket Foundation (PMF).

Unlike in the vast majority of popular app shops, PlayMarket 2.0 consumers will have a number of other possibilities in addition to downloading the program that is needed. In particular, they'll be able to invest in an app and get dividends in future; get a block-resistant entry to the apps out of any part of the planet; and, of course, pay for their purchases from cryptocurrency.

How It Works

  • a method of data storage
  • crowd investing platform (for ICO)
  • cryptocurrency market
  • cellular application
  • smart-contracts
  • website

Application on the platform DAO PlayMarket 2.0 are stored from the decentralized virtual data storage PlayMarket FileSystem (PMFS), designed with such modern technologies as cloud solutions, distributed hash-tables, and decentralized file storages IPFS, SIA, ZeroNet, etc.

For the system to work, a platform requires the possibility for fast conversion between tokens/currencies. This undertaking is being solved with the incorporated PlayMarket 2.0 Exchange (PEX). The counter sells/buy requests from the supply and demand balance, according to which the market cost is shaped. It's used to convert a crypto-asset into the principal currency.

Smart-contracts compile the financial logic of the platform; they solve the problem of the trust to the next party by just eliminating the necessity of an intermediary.

ICO and Platform Financing

Platform's ICO will begin on November, 8. An individual can find additional information about it on the project's site and the official channel on Telegram.

The platform has yet attracted $350,000 from the private shareholders during the closed round of funding. Such capital as Cyber Russia and BitBaza has become the partners of DAO Playmarket 2.0.

Playmarket 2.0 Summary

At the moment, Google Play receives almost 30 percent of earnings from program sales and then spends it at its discretion. PlayMarket 2.0 provides a way to split the earnings between the members of platform.

Platform DAO PlayMarket 2.0 has all chances to acquire its share of the marketplace of Android apps thanks to its openness and transparency, as well as users that want to benefit from their preferred apps.

More details about Playmarket can be read on the company’s website.

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