The RSA algorithm is the most common system used in the crypto world to secure data transmission. However, there are quantum computers that can be able to crack the RSA, which is one of the greatest dangers that cryptocurrencies face.

DapCash is the world’s first quantum resistant cryptocurrency to hit the crypto market. It’s based on 100% original code with all the modern blockchain technology features merged into it. It adopts Post Quantum algorithms that make the platform resistant to quantum computer and survive the Quantum Apocalypse if it ever occurs.

The platform has three types of tokens: the gold, silver, and the bronze coins.

  • Gold coins (DAPG) – this is the rare token that generates one block per 10,000 seconds. They will be used to establish consensus between shards inside other blockchain that have shards.
  • Silver coins (DAPS) – this is the general token with a one block per 100 seconds generation.
  • Bronze coins (DAPB) – this is the payment token, which will be used on the platform. It is exchanged at 1 DAPS for 1000 DAPB.

In order to have faster transactions, investments that are secure and other services at hand all the blockchain or transactions using the tokens will be processed using one wallet.

Benefits Of Dap Cash


The platform integrates the use of post-quantum annotation Picnic algorithm, which is operates on zero-knowledge confirmation. This algorithm causes Fast and anonymous transactions, which in turn can be used in fast and anonymous networking.

Mining optimization

Dap Cash uses CPU optimized mining whereby mining of the golden and the silver block is simultaneous. This is possible by adjusting the difficulty in form a new block based on the total hash capacities.

Multiple blockchain

Dap cash has Multiple blockchain that have different consensuses and tokens assignments. This will allow the combination of a convenient way to make payments and a means of value storage. The flexibility and adaptability of blockchain to any new cryptography inventions will ensure that the platform stays reliable and secure throughout. More coins and tokens will be introduced to DapCash as its popularity grows. All the different currencies will be processed using one wallet.

High-load decentralized services,

It has a 100 % Original C based code, which is optimized for high loads. This will result in high-load decentralized services such as anonymous TOR-like and VPN.


The platform’s database is separated in smaller partitions in order to make it faster and easy to manage. It also has an open API for third party coins and projects, which give it a flexible structure with 10 signature types or more and smart contracts. Dap Cash features faster transactions and other modern features that are beneficial to the users.

Classic storage currency

Users could create a wallet and then close it for a few years using different key types without having to worry about their coins or tokens, as they will be safe.


Dap cash is developed in such a way that in case of any arising issues, it is able to change cryptography immediately. This owed to the fact that it can use up to 65536 algorithms while others use only one algorithm. If vulnerability is found on the platform’s security protocol, there will be an update the next day with a new secure protocol.

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