Blockchain is the way to the next major change technology has to offer. It promises more security, privacy, ownership, and control supported by a decentralized platform. However, for it to become usable by the mass market, it has to become more convenient and easy to use. Dapile’s objective is to help in this paradigm change by building a cryptographically securing ecosystem where anyone can experience the benefits of the blockchain in their home.

What Is Daplie?

Daplie is a hardware company based in Salt Lake City, Utah and San Juan in Puerto Rico. It was first launched in January 2015 with an original vision to create a device(Connect) that could eliminate the reliance on cloud storage, as cloud storage comes with problems of high fees, security concern and lack of security.

Their flagship product, Connect, is a decentralized home server. Rest of the products of the company revolves around Connect. It features the first built in hot and cold storage wallets, with secure data access from anywhere and from any connected device. It also has the power to extend most DApps onto a phone or computer, without sacrificing your phone’s processing power. The device was successfully promoted through several crowdfunding campaigns which garnered support from more than 4,000 backers.

Connect amalgamated with the blockchain through DapStore, an easy-to-use marketplace where users can discover and share the best Dapps and legacy applications. It is a platform where Dapps, apps and other DLT apps can play together.

To bind these two products together they have DapCoin, which is an ERC20 utility token used to publish, purchase and review Dapps within the DapStore. They are the only players in the space offering existing hardware that integrates with the blockchain.

What Is DapCoin ICO?

Dapile will launch its own token sale on April 19, 2018, for DapCoin (DAP), which is a utility token for publishing, purchasing and reviewing Dapps within the consumer-facing DapStore. The token even offers a way for Connect users to update their devices through the blockchain without the requirement of any third party access.

DapCoin Decentralized Blockchain Applications Store Advantages

Given below are a few advantages that DapCoin provides:

  • No sh*t coins: Being backed by real customers, proven hardware platform and the strength of multiple industry partnerships, DAP is really valuable.
  • Secure Keys: Connects creates a secure connection between it and your other devices by generating its own private key. They also have their own cold wallet.
  • DapStore: Owning DAP will let you take advantage of DapStore where you can conveniently discover new Dapps and support your favorite devs
  • Trust: DapCoin rewards and incentives developers and users to play nice and creates barriers for bad actors. Additionally, with both on-chain apps and decentralized hardware, there is no one group that controls the DapStore and is a trustless system.
  • Convenience: Coupling of Connect and DapCoin means not only do they provide an access to the best DApps from one platform, you don’t need to replace your computer or phone. Any of your devices using Connect can run the same instances of a DApp.

DapCoin Conclusion

Connect, DapStore and DapCoin together create a truly decentralized platform where you can own and control your digital assets and private information. Additionally, they come with a backing of Daplie’s 3 years of product development, real hardware, thousands of existing backers, and a talented team led by CEO and visionary Bryson Hill.

They have recently partnered with ClearCenter to help create solutions for the home and consumer market. Coupling of ClearOS’ advanced server, network, and gateway with Daplie’s peer-to-peer technology empowers the platform for the next internet.

You can find more details about Daplie and DapCoin on their website dapcoin.com/ .

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