Track ETH Movement with DappCapitulation

Track ETH Movement With Dapp Capitulation

With so many ICOs happening in the crypto space, there’s a lot of Ethereum that changes hands. With the dapp capitulation platform, you can view these transactions made over smart contracts. dApps are being developed a lot on the blockchain space and this website helps keep track of the ETH movement involved in the process.


The ETH movement site has a dashboard that quickly gives you a wholesome picture of the top ranking dApps with columns of the ETH present and its value in USD. There’s also a column of the ETH sent in a day, a month and over a 180 day period. The statistics help one to quickly analyse ETH movement over a given period.

On clicking on a particular dApp, you are taken to a page which shows details of the internal movement of Ethereum in regards to that item. In this way, one can monitor the intensity of transactions done regarding a particular dApp.

There’s also a page that shows whale balances. In this particular page, you get to see transaction information of large ETH holders and the amount of Ethereum that they have moved during a particular period. Ideally, this is your go to website when you are keen on keeping tabs on what’s happening with Ethereum and the number of transactions happening.

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