The chief technology researcher at DAR Crypto, Lucas Nuzzi, declared that Tron (TRX) should be rebranded as the ‘Frankenstein of crypto’ due to the fact that it borrows profoundly from a number of other projects. According to Nuzzi, this is also as a result of the challenges faced by the library where the crypto was adopted from.

The EthereumJ library is a project which was effected out of the Ethereum protocol. The project itself makes emphasis on the use of JavaScript. Apparently, most of Java-Tron’s codebase is founded on this library, which is notoriously known for being buggy.

It is also worth noting that the Tron Foundation has been very economical with information as a result of the fact that it did not provide references to the EthereumJ project while in the process of developing the code from the project. In many ways, this is a violation of the LDGL open-source authorization which prohibits this.

An Apology From Tron

A response from the Tron Foundation indicated that the company referred a number of codes of ETH as a result of the festinate time. Consequently, the company apologized for the mistake and asserted that it will be rectified with immediate effect. Information from the company indicated that the referred code was a similar code with negligible difference.

According to an authorized statement from the Tron Foundation specified that TRON is designed on the basis of its own system. However, the realization of codes, including other codes from Ethreum were simply utilized as reference. In this regard, the company claims that it did not note the related license, and that henceforth, the company will note the patent proprietorship. The company also promised not to repeat the same mistake again.

Ethereum Virtual Machine

Additionally, Lucas Nuzzi asserted that Tron VM is an execution of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is being promoted by Justin Sun as First in First out initiative. It is lauded as an innovative and incredible piece of software.

By and large, the cryptocurrency works on Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. This involves selecting reps to produce notes on PoS, an algorithm which was produced by Dan Larimer from EOS. In his own views, Lucas Nuzzi believes that it was not easy for EOS to overcome some of the concerns which beset the algorithm. He also made it clear that the mistake was as a result of a consensus failure which had to do with block production.

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